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Full Version: Iwrestledabearonce
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The Uncreator
You may think the music is bad (I quite like it), But you cant deny how funny the video is, I thought it was hilarious laugh.gif

Honestly some of the worst music I've ever heard (except 1:05 to about 2:30.. That was great!), but funny video tongue.gif

Is that woman the one who's growling? O_o
The Uncreator
Yes she does the all the vocals, I quite love the music though smile.gif
Music's not bad (IMO) but the video is hilarious!
Jad Diab
Weird music, and weird video lol
Ramiro Delforte
Very funny, all above the title "Tastes like Kevin Bacon" lol tongue.gif

It seems to me like it's a parody to all Death Metal bands wright?

It's something like
cant get into it sorry.
I enjoyed the small section that Canis liked, but besides that. Not for me smile.gif , I also picked up on that " Tastes like Kevin Bacon" lol
Thats hiliarious biggrin.gif
Hehe, cool video biggrin.gif
Heard them quite some time ago. Funny video no doubt, but I like the music more than the video wink.gif
Iwabo has been one f my favorites for a while, the lead guitarist is also a woman and she is a serious shredder.
Haha, video sure is fun, music kind a not for me, but some parts were good smile.gif Canis, you should check Arch Enemy, you gonna be surprised much more biggrin.gif
just check Ramiro`s link, that make me laugh biggrin.gif
Ivan Milenkovic
Interesting video and music, I personally can't listen too much of it, cause it's a bit intense and aggressive but I think the whole trip is cool.
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