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Full Version: Video Recording For Guitarmasterclass
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al christie
Hi, I am an instructor who has had a very unlucky year with Health and Relationship problems.
Now I have another problem, when I record with my Camcorder, it doesn't record the audio any more.
I have tried to plug in a microphone into my sound card, but my video software doesn't let me record video and audio at the same time.
Can anyone give me advice on how I can keep recording with my camera and record audio at the same time straight on to my computer?

Many thanks
You could get a pickup for your classical guitar, just like Vinod Saranga. Ask him for further information. This could allow you to record video and audio separately, if I´m not mistaken,
Andrew Cockburn
Hi Al,

Most of us record video and sound separately yet at the same time with 2 different programs - I use Vegas for video and Reaper for audio. It's pretty easy to sync them up again in vegas after the recording is finished.
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