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Full Version: Tip Of The Day #36
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Bogdan Radovic
"Nylon strings need more time for tuning compared with steel strings,
have that on mind when changing strings before gig or recording session. "
Ivan Milenkovic
Very useful advice. I may add that it is good to put the steel strings day before so they have time to adapt overnight. The same goes for Nylons, except they need more time.
Andrew Cockburn
Some nylons are pre-stretched which makes them a little better. Whenever I change nylons I always string the guitar up then really stretch the strings a few times by pulling them out an inch or so from the body of the guitar and then retuning. If you do this a couple of times it speeds up the process!
Pedja Simovic
Very true and useful advice Muris.
I used to do a lot of nylon guitar playing and it was really a drag to keep it in tune once you change the strings. I would say its up to 3 more times playing time then regular acoustic and electric smile.gif
Nemanja Filipovic
Great tip Muris.I had experiance where audience was waiting more then they should because of that.
Marcus Siepen
Very good tip. I don't play nylon strings on stage, but I always make sure that my guitars get new strings long before showtime, otherwise playing the gig won't be fun wink.gif
Bogdan Radovic
Also take care where you store your guitars before a show...If you travel with a bus and put in the luggage compartment down there and its cold outside - mostly likely it will be freezing in there..
Also one time I put my guitar next to a heating vent in a club we were playing,by accident, (guitar was in its case) , and when I got it out it was dripping wet! smile.gif And we all know how temperature affects the strings and tuning! wink.gif
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