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Full Version: Band Leader Sign-up
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Register your interest here for Beginner level Band leader smile.gif
QUOTE (skennington @ Dec 30 2008, 12:25 PM) *
Register your interest here for Beginner level Band leader smile.gif

Well, you know I was thinking.

Leading a beginning band would be a great way for me to break into this, maybe even mentor some too. If the members can record over a drum track then be able to separate them to post, it is really quite easy to get stuff together. And a heck of a lot of fun.

I really rather not do covers as I am an old man and still am hoping for a hit, I better hurry. I would like the band members to be very active and maybe get on to each other to drive progress. Comments and PMs. I often get into slumps myself and need a swift kick. huh.gif

That is what must be done to make it work.

So, I'm in. wink.gif
Your exactly right man! That's why I made it very clear in the guidelines. for those that are picked, I want everyone to subscribe to the thread and stay active. smile.gif If you feel as a band leader that someone is not participating, then we pick a new member from the sign-up thread and I want everyone to know this going forward.

I want this to be fun for everybody involved. Communication is key to completing these projects. smile.gif
Can't wait to hear some of the new progects that can come from this. smile.gif
Hey Guys,

I'd love to be band leader for a new band! My current band isn't going very well, and I'm active enough to get involved in another one. I'd love to do all styles, but mainly rock-oriented songs! I'd love to have some very active members in the band. I was talking bout this with OC and Jesse, so I think I can get those two in the band, if I needed some members! I hope I'll be accepted wink.gif

EDIT: I did some editing in the past, so I can make those lines fit wink.gif
stevie ray hey hey hey
can you record music with an internet band, that might be what I'm looking for. I'm not a band leader, I only join the bandmembers of the round table.

Please everybody talk to me if your interested in worldwide cooperation in working out songs and idea's. I think it would be very nice to have an internet band, but I never knew how to start one...

about me, you can compare me with everybody, but I don't resemble anyone. I don't follow theoretical guidelines because I don't know any (am working on that), but I have many idea's, tons of motivation, I can play what you tell me to play (memorizig is the hard part for me) except for difficult techniques and speed maybe. I don't believe in the use for me personally of focussing on sweep picking and all, need to learn much more important stuff first...

My musical influence:

Jimi Hendrix, SRV, Dire straits, Eric Johnson, stevie wonder, bob dylan, jeff buckley, nirvana, Metallica, megadeth, death, pantera, Acdc, black sabbath, zz top, johnny guitar watson, van halen, randy rhoads, rage against the machine, red hot chili peppers (first 3 albums only), pink floyd, rolling stones, pearl jam, smashing pumpkins, and some random stuff....
and of course every other blues/rock/hard rock/metal song I ever heard and liked. These bands influenced me for playing guitar, writing songs/riffs , writing lyrics, how to behave in daily life, what to dream about, which drugs to use and which not to use, not buying guns, don't use airplanes/helicopters at age 27, never growing old and living a litlle bit of the rock life/attitude when poosible and sometimes when not possible still... But that's what I do...

I got a new hobby since a few weeks, writing song lyrics and writing+arranging full songs (in the past I only got as far as recording riffs or jam loops...

For me good songs have: groove or sentiment/feeling , a meaning of some kind (unless they are about meaninglessness), special moments (fills, bridges) structure and fun (when songs are as perfect as perfect can be)

I will stop now, because I am writing too much and forgot why I am writing this reply

Oh yeh, start a band...

contact me if you would rather go for a combination of luck, feel, fun and anything is possible-ness

my valuable lesson in life for today:
If you believe you are awsome... you probably suck ass.. but still strife for awsomeness, cause nothing would be more awsome... yeah, think about that... (better don't)
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