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Full Version: Band Leader Sign-up
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Register your interest for Band leader here
Ill be a band leader if needed... only want active people and at least one more person who is a little older in the band
I'll be band leader though I'm quite happy to be a member if someone else would like to be the leader.
As a bassist, guitarist and "Vocalist" if you can call what i do vocals. I am interested in this as there are no metal bands around, i am both interested in simply joining a band or leading one, so if anyone is interested send me a message tongue.gif
I was reading the original post calling for Bandleaders, but the post now seems to be
changing locations (URLS) since my first read. In other words, some of the responses
I read before seem to be broken up into numerous threads now, whereas before, all the
responses I read appeared in one thread. Oh well! Anyway - in a cool way this thread really
interests me, And I, yes I, demand to be the bandleader simply because I am a total madman.
Ahgh-ha-ha!! I mean, you can't lose with me - I'm completely out of my mind! Mua-ha-ha-ha!
Choose me or DIE! Only kidding - I really wished I had time just to participate, but I don't.
I really just want to say, good luck all you guys on what sounds like a really fun and
educational venture into furthering your music. smile.gif
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