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Full Version: Hammerfall Debuts New Video Today
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The Uncreator
I don't know how many Hammerfall fans we have, But I've been a follower since I was 12 and a diehard fan since. Despite a 2 member lineup change, Hammerfall are still playing good ol' Heavy Metal true to there sound, So I'd thought I'd share this with you all. Hope you enjoy! smile.gif

Is that a different singer?

Doesnt look like and sorta doesnt sound like Cans....

It's definitely Joacim Cans^^

GOD all there vids are sooooooo cheasy but the music is always great!
yay happy metal!
that's great man, thanks for sharing
i've been a hammerfall fan since i heard them for the first time (first song i heard was 'A legend reborn')
it's the band that brought me closer to music and eventually to GMC, (was looking for tabs for a hammerfall song and saw kris's add there laugh.gif )

really like this song


I have been a Hammerfall fan for a long time.....

Thanks for sharing this vid
David Wallimann
Thanks for sharing, this is cool!
I used to be a fan and I loved the first three albums, the fourth was ok, but after that I just feel that it's too bland. That's my opinion though. wink.gif
QUOTE (jer @ Jan 18 2009, 06:45 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Is that a different singer?

Doesnt look like and sorta doesnt sound like Cans....
It's just cans voice layered like a 100 times... I thought only pop divas need to do this rolleyes.gif

Anyway I like the guitar sound and the band alot. Their concerts are always a lot of fun! I'm really looking forward to the song on the new album they did together with Jesper. They imho did/do too much mid-tempo stuff on their recent albums. I preferred the fast and less produced old stuff. smile.gif

- Jonas
Toni Suominen
I love Hammerfall, been a fan for many years smile.gif

"Hearts on fire, hearts on fire.." biggrin.gif
Yeah, good old heavy metal... smile.gif nice video.
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Hammerfall never disappoints ^^
Lian Gerbino
QUOTE (Canis @ Jan 19 2009, 06:32 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
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Hammerfall never disappoints ^^

hahaha!!! laugh.gif

thanks for sharing tongue.gif
happy metal for all!
Trond Vold
Hammercheese! .. or is that Cheesefall? biggrin.gif I like cheese though, and this rocks! smile.gif
Gabriel Leopardi
Their first two albums are AWESOME. I didn't find interesting the following albums... but It's always great to hear a Metal Song. Thanks for sharing. smile.gif
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