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Hello Muris,

I has been a while since I came in here and bothered you so I thought it was due time.

How do you hold your guitar when sitting if you plan on playing for a long time?

I have short arms and fingers so holding the guitar “classical style” on my left leg is the most comfortable but it puts my right hand at a little more of an angle than maybe it should. Plus, I feel this is bad for leg circulation since I have to keep my leg propped up so high due to my short fingers.

As in this video

Feel free to comment on any technique problems you may see in the video.

Most of the time in your lesson videos you hold it on your right leg, which I almost can’t do for long because I have to bend over to make my fingers reach to higher frets.

So I either use my strap or classical style.

Well, you should hold your guitar in a position you're most comfortable with wink.gif
Take some small stool under your left foot and that's it, if you want to hold it in a classical position. It's just sometimes fast picking is more painful for the right wrist as it's at the different angle.
Muris Varajic
Yeah, goal is to set it that way so you feel comfortable with it.
Classical way is fine, nothing wrong with that.
But there us another thing, like fancy or popular way of holding guitar.
Now, playing sitting and standing should be the same for most us, no big difference.
And if you practice classical way when sitting then reasonably
your guitar will end pretty high when you stand up
cause that's the way you hold it when you're sitting.
None of us has same hands or guitar, we all must find our sweet spot for this
and chose between comfort and look,
compromise. smile.gif
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