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Full Version: Gas At Once
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Hey Muris!

Could you by any chance record a video of yourself playing that song? Or maybe even make it a lesson someday smile.gif?

I know you are really busy with everything, so this is not really a request, but more like asking if that's a possibilty. I'd love to see that song in a video. It always gives a little more feeling to it when you see the performance. Bit like hearing your favorite song on the radio even though you heard it a thousand times on the cd wink.gif

Is it a hard song to play for you by the way?

Muris Varajic
Hi George, glad you like that tune! smile.gif

Actually I did played it once at gig,
gonna check if there's somewhere a video from that gig.
As for the lesson, the solo part has some improvised runs
which is pretty hard to tab, I might go for new solo version
for the lesson, will see.
And is it hard...well depends how complex solo I play,
main themes are not the problem tho. smile.gif
Cool! biggrin.gif I hope you got that video.

That part starting at 2:05 sounds really hard man. What is that... theoretically? (Not that I know that much, but it's cool to be able to give it a name tongue.gif)

Improvised runs... How...? Haha. You also do impossible improvised runs in Final Dance. How can I achieve that? I mean, just shred something and have it sound professional. The pentatonic boxes (well actually, make that box*!) that I am really familiar with I can do it with, but the stuff you play sounds so much more complex. Is it even possible for a technique newbie like me? (Check out my MTP for proof laugh.gif)

And what artists influenced you the most in this song? I think I hear a bit Eddie van Halen and a lot of Muris Varajic biggrin.gif
Bump! Did you find anything yet Muris? smile.gif
Muris Varajic
Unfortunately no,
I was looking into full recording from one gig
but we didn't play Gas At Once then,
there is another recorded gig where we played Gat As Once for sure
but that gig wasn't recorded in total, just a couple of song
at we missed to record Gas At Once. sad.gif
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