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Full Version: Brian May
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Les Paul
Hi David,

I had so much fun practicing your Brian May lesson, and I am planning to practice your Jimi Hendrix lesson next.

Could I please ask for your suggestions for improvements on my take of your lesson? I played your lesson in 63 bpm.

David Wallimann
Glad you like the lesson!

Thanks for sharing this with me!

I think you should work on cleaning up your technique a bit. Mostly avoid all the unnecessary strings while playing. That can be done by using the palm of your right hand to cover the strings you are not playing. Usually that will be the lower strings as they are the ones that tend to ring (it's also easier to mute those with your right hand).

Also spend time working on basic rhythm exercises with a metronome if you have one. If you don't just use this one:

No need to do complicated rhythm exercises, maybe just play a scale in eights (2 notes per beat), then move on to sixteenths (4 notes per beat) and don't worry about speed but accuracy.

I think working on these two aspects will really help you sound even better.

Keep up the good work and thanks again for uploading!

Don't hesitate to ask me as many questions as you need. It's always a pleasure to answer. :-)
Les Paul
Thank you very much David!

I will work on those.
Les Paul
Hi David,

As per your suggestion, I worked on playing to metronome and muting the unwanted noise with my right palm. I know I still got lots of practice to do but wanted to see if I am getting your ideas. Would you please have a listen to new mp3?

Today’s version sounds a lot cleaner & controlled than yesterday’s version to me.

Les Paul
David Wallimann
You are on the right track man!
This version sounds much cleaner than the other one, good job!
Keep cleaning up things like you are doing and it will sound amazing!
You're off a real good start.

Also work a bit on your bend precision. Here's how:

Play a note, then go one fret below and bend that note so that it sounds exactly like the first fret your played. Then do the same thing from 2 frets below.
You'll improve in no time!

Les Paul
Thank you. I'll work on that bending as well! smile.gif
Les Paul
Hi David,

Could I please get your suggestions for improvement on my take on your Jimi Hendrix lesson?

I used drum machine for backing track, instead of metronome. I know things were bit sloppy on around 0:30, and I will work on that part. I also noticed that I have too many "gaps" between transitions, whereas your take is lot smoother. I had some difficulty controlling unwanted noise by palm muting as distortion level were cranked up. Is there something I can do? Or do I keep work on this until I get it?

I had so much difficulty with the lesson at one point, I got very frustrated because I was making same mistake over and over again. sad.gif I guess things take time, and I need to work on having more patience as well as working on techniques. smile.gif

Les Paul

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