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Hi Uncle ! cool.gif

Introduction of yourself
My name is Angelo Blomme, I live in Adegem (Belgium) am 18 years old and am trying to find a good job.

How long have you been playing?
I have my guitar now 3 years but if I'm playing it for 3 months total it will be pretty much. laugh.gif

What are your strong points and what you feel you know now?
I CAN be very motivated if I got pushed (the goal of MTP smile.gif)
My strongest skill will be rhythm guitar

What your week points are or you would like to learn?
soloing, I really need to get that technique

Do you currently have a pracitice routine? If so, please describe it briefly.
Well I had a very decent one but I havent started it yet because I had ways to much work last days.

How much time you have to dedicate to the MTP program?
Not sure, if I get the job 2 maybe 3 hours. Without the job a lot more. I would love to have the job though.

Do you have a video or web camera currently?
Jup I have both

What kind of music are you into?
I'm up to all kinds of music. From blues to metal to classical.

What lessons have you already completed or are working on?
I never completed a lesson 100% because of a lack of motivation if I have to do everything on my own, not working on a lesson at the moment because the time I need for searching a job

Dont worry about the outfit laugh.gif It's not my everyday clothing laugh.gif
OK Angelo I have looked over your information and video.

I would like you to start working on this lesson:

It might not seem like that much fun right now but I need to make sure you can at least play some basic chords. Once we get through this we will move on to more exciting things.

Let me know what you think smile.gif

EDIT: BTW Angelo my name is Jeff. Sounds better then Uncle biggrin.gif laugh.gif
Angelo, one other quick note. As I have explained to the others I want a minimum of one upload a week. More is better if your having a problem with the lesson.

Sound reasonable? smile.gif
one upload is ok jep, I dont know if more will be possible, with my work etc but I'll see what I can do.

The strumming and arpeggio lesson sounds good. wink.gif
Good evening Mrblomme. smile.gif Just want to check in with you. Are things ok? Anything I can do for you?


I'm really sorry but I'll have to quit the mtp, I simply have NO time to play the guitar.
So if I now quit you maybe could give someone who has free time a chance to proof him.

Thanks for wanting to teach me mate! smile.gif
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