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Full Version: Relative/perfect Pitch
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Hi Muris. smile.gif

Have a few questions for you here

1.How will you rate your relative/Perfect pitch. ?

2.Did you always had this or did you used to train it ?

3. Can you hear the chords on an radio and tell the chords without touching the guitar ? I cant, i have to " play in the background to find out the chords ..

4. What Rules do you use when you will find chord on a song on the Radio ?

Cheers M8 biggrin.gif

Muris Varajic
Hi smile.gif

I have no idea how good is my perfect pitch,
I sometimes manage to guess the note but only after singing it
cause I know my voice range very good,
which still isn't good enough tho so I hit the score like 1 of 40. biggrin.gif

But my relative pitch is pretty good (I think huh.gif ) and yes it's trained,
I still train it and will continue training it as long as my ears are working. wink.gif

Speaking of listening and knowing chords without touching guitar, here is how I do it.
I always think of degrees and not of real names like C major, D minor etc,
tho I can say if tune is in key of Em if I hear guitar playing lots of open strings etc.
So I imagine that A major is the root per example and then I listen to rest of progression,
I can hear relation between chords ( not some ultra complex Jazz progression or som)
since I've spent a lot of time learning songs and solos by ear
so you just get there after a while and for most of Radio music I have no problems.
And after I'm done analizing progression I can play it in any I you want
which is now pure transposing tho, once you know it's I-V-II-bIV progression or som
it shouldn't be a problem to transpose it anywhere you want to.

It's simple training, force yourself to listen everything you play
or someone else plays, test yourself all the time,
after a while your ears will get used to relations between chords or notes
and you'll just KNOW what is it. smile.gif
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