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Full Version: Alternate Picking, Tremelo Picking Tecnique
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Hey Toni, I had a few questions I wanted to ask you about your alternate picking and tremelo picking.

1.Do you pick at an angle when you play because sometimes when I pick at an angle I end up getting some notes sounding dead. What should I do?

2.What kind of picks do you use for fast picking?

3.Do string gauges matter for fast picking?

Toni Suominen
Sorry for the really late response, I've been really busy with work lately.

1. Yes, I have the pick at a slight angle and the key is to really just try and find that "sweet spot" where the notes don't end up sounding "dead". But like I said, the angle is very slight.

2. I really don't use different picks for different situations (except when strumming on an acoustic), so I usually play only with Dunlop Jazz III's, they are great for fast picking also IMO.

3. Well, I don't think so, some people just prefer light or heavier strings, but I wouldn't say that the speed of your picking could depend on the gauge of the strings. You can play fast with both smile.gif
Great, thanks for the help.
Toni Suominen
Glad I could help mate smile.gif
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