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Full Version: Demise Of Petri In Norther
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Yep, that is right. Petri left Norther to be a full time member of Ensiferum. Although quite sad to see him part ways with Norther especially since Norther is one of the few Melodic Death Metal bands that I enjoy, its just sad. This would give Norther a chance to slow down on releasing albums though since a few years ago, they were releasing an album a year, which got a little boring by each release (not as bad as Bodom though).

This is giving me big hopes for an epic release of Ensiferum in the future though since Victory Songs were on par with the early Ensiferum (Jari releases), and I can't possibly see Ensiferum messing up.

Well, this is just a quick news to some of you.

The Uncreator
God, for a second I thought you meant he died for some reason, My heart stopped a couple beats there! laugh.gif

To be honest, I'd rather see him in Ensiferum, although I love him in Norther, I have lost a little interest in there newer releases, I think he will spice up Ensiferum even more with a permanent presence.
haha noooo he didn't die. Although I could have probably found a better word to say "leaving" as a little less morbid than dying haha. Sorry.
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