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Full Version: Holding Pick Your Way
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Jakub Luptovec
Hi David,

I've recently found out, that I hold the pick bad way and since I like your picking style, I decided to study your videos.

I believe, I got it (sweeps and picking runs are SOOOO much easier - I used to hold it kinda like in pincers, sometimes with 2 sometimes with 3 fingers) right.

But whats bugging me is, that my fingerjoints keep scratching the strings - especially when playing open chords. What am I doing wrong? I attached a few fotos of my right hand after a bit of playing
David Wallimann
Great question my friend!
First of all, your picking position looks great to me there. That's how I hold mine.
Not that there is only one way, but that is the one that works best for me.

You're right that when playing open chords, or just strumming, that position has its disadvantages.
When I play more of an open chord rhythm accompaniment, I either keep the same position but having a bit more of the pick outside. But sometimes I just hold the pick between my thumb, index and middle finger. I also sometimes use the pick between my thumb and index to play the bass notes, and then plucking the top of the chord with middle, ring and picky kind of like in this video here.

Let me know if that helps!

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