Hi there GMC,
I know this is pretty special but maybe there are some GMC-Members out there who are familiar with that issue.
Well, I'd love to play 1080p movies on my Xbox in order to watch it on my big screen. I used to watch 720p over that screen pluggin my notebook over hdmi to the tv it works great. Unfortunately, my notebook ain't good enough to play 1080p movies judder-freely. I always thought 720p doesn't make that huge difference to 1080p but yesterday I saw planet earth 1080p and man it surely does ! I had this 1080p .wmv data of this movie and the xbox is capable of playing that. I tell it was gorgeous ! To put it in a nutshell: My notebook can't play 1080p movies but my xbox can, but it can't play mkv data !
So does some of you have some good experience with software and stuff in order to convert mkv to wmv ?I have searched on the web already, a lot of possibilities there many of them are pretty complicated...
Thanks guys