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Full Version: Gojira
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Any of you guys heard anything from this band? Last year i read something about their latest album, the way of all flesh and how it was supposed to be something completely new. Well when i heard that i tend to think "yeah right" because 9 times out of 10 i'm disapointed but after hearing this at last i thought it was great. My favourite track off of the album is wolf down the earth here is it on youtube:

Sorry for the quality it isn't great but best i could find
Of course I've heard Gojira biggrin.gif They're a superb band!
'though for me my favourite album is From Mars To Sirius
Yeah cool, i haven't heard that one i only have the latest one but i'll be sure to check it out at some point smile.gif
David Wallimann
I've heard of them before, but never heard their music.
I like it a looot!
Thanks for sharing!
Glad you liked it David!

I'm in the middle of tabbing one of their tracks at the moment because i like it a lot. I've already noticed some interesting stuff they do.
Ramiro Delforte
I've been listening to some of the stuff of that you tube channel you posted and they have some cool songs.

Thanx for sharing!
They have some cool things, but I never got into them. I want to like them though, and they are a lot better than most new metal bands smile.gif
They are awesome I love there song Vacuity!
Cool band. Soooo heavy live! Really good musicians also.
I really likes it as well! They`re extremely heavy, but they dont have that screamo vocal as Trivium etc. if you catch my drift. And they`re so tight! Im per now learning Backbone. Incredibly tight and cool sang, good rhytm workout smile.gif
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