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Full Version: So Guys, What Do You Think So Far?
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Hey guys smile.gif

Just wanted to ask you guys how you're finding it so far here in the MTP? I realise its been a bit of a slow process getting up to speed with recommendations and lessons.

Sorry about that!

I just wanted to ask how you are finding it in general. In particular I would like to know if you feel you're being pushed adequately? I mainly ask because I know you all have quite busy schedules and so don't want to swamp you guys with too much work. However a bit of pressure might be good and productive, but I don't want to make that decision for you.

I haven't as yet produced any weekly assignments, would you think they wqould be beneficial to you? Even if you don't have a lot of time to practice?

I want to make this experience as productive and as helpful as possible, so any suggestions are welcome smile.gif

Cheers guys,

So far good.

The lesson suggestions has been good. The only problem is my own time but that has nothing to do with you. Yesterday I finished a huge project at work that has occupied a lot of time for the last 10 months. (so now we can move to phase 2! sigh)
Aloha to everyone!,
So far the lessons have been great. I'm working in several areas at once: Speed/Theory/Ear Training. All are going well. I have managed to change my schedule to include more practice time! So for the last three weeks I've set my alarm for 3:55 a.m. I get up work out, then pour a hot cup of coffee and practice for an hour before feeding children/brushing teeth/finding lost homework and loading the whole crew into the car and off to school and work. blink.gif

But it works... Fridays I dedicate 2 hours to music production (enjoying the results of all the practice). It's a nice balance. Sat & Sun each give me at least one hour each to practice or just play to enjoy.

When I sat down to set an original schedule of two hours a week for practice... I could see that two hours a week wouldn't really give me much improvement. So I felt like I needed to "try" a bit harder.

I'm curious to know a bit more about our group? Perhaps we could try a group collaboration or something? It might be fun to get to know each other and our playing styles, and goals?

As far as a weekly assignment goes, I think right now what I'd like to do is stay on the path I'm on, but go more in depth. So for example, I've started at the beginning with just learning scales (pentatonic major & minor). There's a lot there! There's my theory work and ear training (listening and learning the different scales relative to chord progressions). The speed exercises I've been working on the pentatonic series/ legato slides and speed picking. So I feel like I've got my hands full, and need to master what I've started. That said...I also need something more to mix it up a bit so it's not stale. You know the same picking/ patterns/ scale runs... I'm a bit restless while I'm getting better at each exercise.

What I'd like to do now is just go a bit deeper with other scales Ionian etc. ... and practice the speed work now over a broader landscape... if that makes sense? Maybe one scale that is not pentatonic...but played over one of the backing tracks to the pentatonic lessons?

I look forward to hearing from everybody! cool.gif
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