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Full Version: For Lies I Sire
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Just got my hands on it today - still listening. I won't give my opinions yet but they won't be unbiased since I'm a MDB fan boy and have been since I was 16. What's more the violins are back!
Also, I managed to get the "guitar edition" which comes in a digipack with a tablature booklet and a plecturm with the band logo - what a cool idea for guitarhead such as myself!
I just need to know one thing...

Is it does it more resemble the older albums (Like Turn Loose The Swans), or the newer albums (Anything after The Dreadful Hours). I'm also a long time fan boy (they're the band that got me into metal, along with Reverend Bizarre) but haven't been too fond of A Line Of Deathless Kings or Songs Of Darkness, Words of Light. I gotta know this, that way I won't spend my money on disappointment =|
It's a bit early for me to say yet - I'll get back to you as soon as I form an opinion. I need to listen to things fully before I decide. I don't think it can compare to classics such as Turn Loose but I think so far it's stronger than their previous, newer material. Hold out whilst I listen to it some more and I'll do a little review or something..
Trond Vold
I've given this album quite a number of spins lately myself.. and i must say, i love it!
It's not exactly Turn loose the Swans, but what is?

There is a certain minimalistic approach to the album, which works really well, and the violins fit excellent.

In one way it does resemble the older ones more than the newer albums. There's way more slow parts than on the more recent albums.
There's one song though near the end with some unusual vocal-work, it kinda sounds blackmetallish at times.... but it works smile.gif
I absolutely love it biggrin.gif
I bought the "guitar edition" with tabs and plectrum, great stuff biggrin.gif
Thank for this information I didnt know that they released a new album. I will check it out for sure
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