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Full Version: Pentatonic Solo Lesson
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Hello Marcus,

I'm really enjoying the Pentatonic Solo lesson. I'm struggling a bit through it, because of the pitch harmonics and trying to remember where you are playing them. I know I can improvise through it, but I want to emulate first. cool.gif Now, in the run on the B string in the 12 13 17 fret positions, I'm really clumsy there. I've tried to practice it slower, but I seem to not have good tone from the hammer on portion. Not to mention I feel like I'm trying to put a screw in concrete with a plaster cast on my you have any tips on setup to try and bring the tone to the hammer on, and would I be committing heresy if I were to tap that portion. I'm not a lot better at tapping, but I seem to be able to play it clearly and in time if I tap it. Probably a cop out. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

Thank you from Canada!

Marcus Siepen
Of course it is perfectly ok if you tap that part, if you think you could come to a better result then go for it. Like this you won't improve your hammering on though wink.gif About this, maybe you need to build up some strength in your fingers first, and for this you of course need practice. You could also try my latest lesson called "Hammer on dude", it has tons of hammering on in the beginning, it might help you.
Oh, excellent, Marcus. I'll check that lesson out. I'm continuing to practice it at 120, the way you play it to work on technique. The tapping just allowed me to make something that sounded more musical, quicker. I will persevere!

Marcus Siepen
good luck smile.gif
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