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Kristofer Dahl
First - If you are new to the site it is very important that you introduce yourself thoroughly so that we get a good impression of who you are. Include text and a picture.
Hey there - I am Kristofer Dahl,

I live in Stockholm, Sweden. I am xx years old and have played guitar for xx years.

My favorite guitarists are xxxx, xxxxx and xxxxxx. I especially like xxxxxxx because of his fantastic legato technique.

My favorite bands are xxxx, xxxxx and xxxxxx. I have a band of my own which sounds a little like xxxxx. Here is a link to my band's myspace page. http: //www.myspace.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

When I am not practicing I study xxxxxx and spend time with my dog.

I hope to be able to show you lots of cool stuff here - cheers!
Then - an introduction text about the lesson...
Time to look at the style of this extremely popular heavy metal guitarist - no wonder, he is the lead guitarist of Metallica: Kirk Hammett.

In this lesson you will get a hang of some typical Kirk Hammet style licks, you should also follow my example and use these ideas to make your own "Metallica-style" improvisation over the backing track. All the licks covered here will work nicely in E minor (except where note otherwise) - E minor is the the most common heavy metal key, so learn it well.

Now let's take a trip to heavy metal land...
Then comes the first video with tab, when creating the post got to "File Attachments", choose the video file and click "Add this attachment". (IMPORTANT:A video should never be larger than a couple of megabytes.)

Then put the cursor where you want the link to your video - then choose "Add into post" - an "attachmentid" will appear on top, put this one where you want the link to the video to appear (usually above the tab).

Then paste the tab under the attachemnt id - select the tab with your mouse and go to "Font" on top, choose "Courrier New". If you don't do this the tab will look very funny. wink.gif

If all these steps feel complicated - remember you can always choose "Preview Post" before you choose "Submit Post" - so see if everything looks good.

Don't forget to add a little text explanation to every video.

Click to view attachment

pm ........... .

The backing is a "typical" E minor heavy metal riff , with palm muting (= right hand dampening), powerchords and the flat fifth (Bb).

The flat fifth is also called "tritone", and sometimes even "diabolus in musica" ("the Devil's interval) - and it sure is the evil basis of heavy metal riffing.
Do the same thing for all the slow videos you have in your lesson:
Click to view attachment


All though this doesn't look much like the previous lick - I still see it as a variation of the same kind of idea.

The reason being the note choice. In this variation I approach the flat fifth with a slide instead of a bend. The note is still there, however.

End the lesson with the lesson's backing tracks, and a paragraph which (hopefully) will inspire the student to practice the lesson seriously.
I hope you found this informative and stimulating, I really want you to struggle hard and patiently with this lesson. Also, if you want to learn Kirk Hammett's style of solo guitar - it is essential that you jam to the backing tracks. Start by learning the backing riff, once you got it down you should alternate between solo and rhythm.

Your first goal should be to incorporate just one single of these licks in your soloing. When you are comfortable with that, add another one. And eventually you will have whole bunch of Kirky licks in your repertoire!

As always, let me know how things are working for you!

Backing up to tempo: Click to view attachment

Backing slow (with no guitar) : Click to view attachment

Good Luck!
Excuse me, Sir Kristofer Dahl ! biggrin.gif Are videos and mp3 (audio) files always necessary ? What about just writing out tabs and maybe add GuitarPro files to illustrate ?
Kristofer Dahl
QUOTE (Alexiaden93 @ Jul 4 2009, 06:34 AM) *
Excuse me, Sir Kristofer Dahl ! biggrin.gif Are videos and mp3 (audio) files always necessary ? What about just writing out tabs and maybe add GuitarPro files to illustrate ?

Well if it's good stuff I say doesn't really matter - an example of this is Andrew's theory lessons that usually don't have any audio or video, but still are very useful.

Chris Evans has the final word though - as he is responsible for maintaining quality on the SI board!
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