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Full Version: Ongoing Wiki Projects - Come Inside!
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Hi all, I just decided to make a new pinned thread to list all existing wiki projects & tidy up the board a bit.

This is a list of the stuff that's currently going on in our Wiki, feel free to join any of these activities, don't forget the Wiki is yours, and as a GMC member you already have a fully working Wiki account at your command smile.gif Go ahead write your own entries, or join any of the existing projects if you are in need of inspiration:

The GMC Journal - It's the GMC Newspaper project, write articles about community events & happenings smile.gif

Keywords Project - In our little guitar world there are loads of terms that we use on a daily basis but are certainly a mistery for those outside or new to guitar. This little project here will try to put all these keywords into our wiki.

Mini Reviews - A fast & easy way to share your opinions with us, short articles about your gear, all users opinions gathered at the same entry!

List of Needed Articles - Here's a source of inspiration for the wiki:er in you. This is a list of needed entries in our wiki, most of them are links in other existent articles, and need to be written.

Wiki Guitarist Project - We want to have all your guitar heroes featured at our Wiki. Here's a list you can update & check until all are finally there!

Music Genres Project - Share with us what you know about the different genres & styles: punk, speed metal, blues... you name it!

WCP Project - The Wiki Centralization Project. Here we try to gather important info from the forums and take it into our Wiki. Right now we focus on converting all existent Gear & Album reviews into the Guitar Wik, as well as Student Instructor Lessons. (This project is almost complete now)
Just a short message to let you guys know that both WCP projects are 99% covered now smile.gif

That means almost all existent forum gear & album reviews are now featured in our wiki. A nice place for them to live. Makes them easier to find too! smile.gif

Special thanks to Brett (The Uncreator) & MickeM for their help rebuilding all forum topics with the needed links!

Keep them reviews coming guys, we'll never cease converting all that great stuff you write smile.gif
so like, all is done?
Oh, by no means.

There's many things up there that need new entries: GMC Journal, List of needed entries, New Album reviews, New Gear Reviews, etc.

Feel free to join any of them guys cool.gif

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