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Full Version: Keyboard Recommendations
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Hi guys.

I want to buy a keyboard. I've been looking at a EMU X-board 61, for about 300 bucks. (Used)
It seems to have reasonable reviews, but still I want to check in with you guys.


Have you got a laptop computer.

If you have I personally just have a kind of control keyboard or whatever you call them. You plug a laptop in and you plug into PA in a club or speakers at home and you can set up the sound exactly how you want using synth patches and what not. It is much less fiddling on keyboard. But I know this isn't for everybody. It does work for me. A control keyboard has barely any functionality on its own but it is cheaper because of it.

If you haven't then that advice was useless lol tongue.gif biggrin.gif
I don't, unfortunately. Thanks though!
Ivan Milenkovic
This is a good keyboard controller. It comes with Proteus, Cubase LE and other very good software included so I guess it is a very good buy.

Personally, the only thing that I really use with controllers are the keys, so any controller with good set of keys is good enough for me. I have M-Audio Oxygen 49 that has knobs & faders, and did try to use them, but I don't do that really, I prefer using keyboard shortcuts and mouse for this. There are some good dedicated DAW controllers for that (although couple of buttons on a MIDI keyboard is a good thing to have).
I advise you to check out the dimensions of this device, here's the manufacturer info:

The Xboard 61 measures 3.2 x 9.4 x 37.5 inches (8.1 x 23.9 x 95.3 cm) to the top of the knob. It weighs 10.9 lbs. (4.9 kg). The knob height is 0.62 inch (16 mm).

so you can calculate the space required for it at home. 61 keys means that it is a wide device and will require more space. If you have that much space, nothing wrong with getting it of course. I've found that 49 keys is quite enough for MIDI programming, and occasional playing. Getting 61 can be an overkill if you are not planning to really play the keyboards or have limited space. In real life, if you are just planning to make simple MIDI patterns and melodies for bass, brass, maybe some drum playing, and chord and simple lead recordings for pads and synths then 4 octave range is quite enough.

It would be useless without a laptop computer though if you ever wanted to play the keyboard away from your PC. Any recommendations of keyboards with everything built in to the keyboard?

I recently bought M-Audio Keystation 88es. It costs about 200$.

I can really recomend it if you are going to use virtual instruments with it. You just get a plain 88 keys and no functionality inside the keyboard itself, but all the function are in the programs you use. So you are not paying for some cheap sounds and functions you never use on the keyboard. I use it with Native Instrument products, and it is just like playing the real thing. I use Akoustic piano the most, and it sounds brilliant.

I think it´s important to have full size (88 keys) board, if you are going to play it seriously. Another importand thing to keep in mind is the action on the keyboard. Keystation 88es has semi-weighted keys, and it´s somewhat between real piano keys and synth action, some may like it and some don´t. If you are going to play piano stuff alot, i would recoment full weighted piano action keys with aftertouch. But Keystation 88 are great for beginners, and you can play piano, organ and synth styles equally well. Highly recomended. smile.gif

If you like more complicated version, M-Audio has also the Keystation 88 Pro. It has piano action, and alot of controllers onboard. It costs about 390$.

I think keyboards are alot more affordable than guitars. You can get a great professional keyboard for 500 - 1000$. I wouldn´t be happy with a 500$ guitar. wink.gif

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