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Full Version: Simple Ii-v-i Jazz
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Muris Varajic
Could you please post smaller file
or eventually embed Youtube video? smile.gif
Jakub Luptovec
Nice bear lolz:D

Well I am not bigger jazz expert than you (I cant play jazz to save my life....), so I cant tell you much but, from what I see:) :

You can feel the chord changes and find its notes around, what should you improve is putting more emphasis on the chords/modes distinctive note. For example on the start of your video, when Am7 started, you started by note A, then change to D7 came and you played D as first note - this is generally never good idea how to start:) Its better to start by some bending (For example the classical blues bend from 4th to 5th, with 5th ringing on upper string) or some neat longer arpeggio:)

On other note
Its like you are holiding your first pentatonic box, afraid that you will lose track going too far away - I do the same:D Its just abotu finding more jazz licks and unlocking the fretboard thru arpeggios etc.

Overally its better then I would do biggrin.gif Not that its hard to do, but still very nice job smile.gif It took me months, before I figured out I need to change my scale mindset with each chord change.. you are on right track smile.gif
Jerry Arcidiacono
Hi Mark,
maybe you can find some inspiration following my lesson about ii-V-I.

Arpeggios and articulation are very important in this context.
Jerry Arcidiacono
QUOTE (Mark. @ May 14 2009, 12:19 PM) *
Thanks gonna work on it after lunch laugh.gif

Hope you will not sleep! Jazz and after lunch is a very dangerous combination, at least for me wacko.gif
Ivan Milenkovic
Very nice solo mate, sounds pretty good! smile.gif

Tip: try using some runs, or shorter note values to enrich the rhythmical composition a bit.
Vasilije Vukmirovic
Aha, this is great, you really feel the harmony beneath, that is most important, also I like that you play slow. You covered all chords during improvisation, this is the way jazz should be practiced and played...

I see that you're beginner in jazz, I would suggest you to try to play this stuff in one or two more positions...
It's difficult in different positions, you may find it pretty uncomfortable...
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