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Full Version: Minor/natural Minor Scale
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I am busy writing up a scale formula chart (sad I know)
Is the natural minor scale another name for the minor scale or are they different ?

If they are the same thing does this happen with the major scale as well ?
Its the aeolian scale, the 6th mode.
Velvet Roger
People often use the words Minor Scale for the Natural Minor Scale indeed.

As you maybe aware off there are many Minor Scales around, so it's not very accurate. I would suggest to keep using the Natural Minor Scale (which is equivalent to the Aeolian mode as Sted already mentioned).
Muris Varajic
Minor Scale or Natural Minor Scale, it is the same.
Prefix "Natural" came as an addition to point at the difference
cause there is Harmonic Minor Scale and Melodic Minor Scale, 3 types of minor.
That does not happen with major because there is only one type.
And yeah, Aeolian is another name, that's one of the church modes
and it looks and sounds just like Minor Scale. smile.gif
Ivan Milenkovic
Nothing more to add here, but to give you the chart I made some years ago, perhaps you find it useful:

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