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Full Version: Brad Paisley
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Buddha Long
Hi David - I've been checking out some of your lessons and my hat is off to you! Between the amazing playing, the beautifully constructed lessons, musicality and voluminous number of great lessons you are one hell of a fine teacher and musician - a combination often not found. Sometimes those who can do, can also teach. I'm not a guitarist but am planning to start learning guitar since I often play country gigs on keyboards and many songs don't have keys. I am primarily a bassist but keys help me fill unbooked nights.
Guitarists around here have a devil of a time with Brad Paisley. I have never used a pick but I would truly love to learn some of the techniques Brad Paisley uses to get his unique sound. Would it be possible to do some lessons on his style?
Buddha Long
I guess I'm not going to get any takers (or replies) on the Brad Paisley stuff - any chance of a Kirby Kelly style Delta blues lesson?
Buddha, David no longer teaches here at GMC so I don't think you're going to find him active in his old instructor board. You can however post your requests to the root of the "ask an instructor" subforum which could be picked up by any instructor.

Alternately, there's a couple guys specifically that have some paisley-like chops that you could attention your request to.

Emir is active and has his own instructor subforum.
Mitch Roberts is less active but more focused on that particular style.
wow, david isnt here anymore? when is he gone? and why? i think he is really a cool guy!
QUOTE (MirkoSchmidt @ Jan 12 2010, 11:33 AM) *
wow, david isnt here anymore? when is he gone? and why? i think he is really a cool guy!

David's Farewell post topic.
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