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Full Version: My video about Heroin
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Aside from playing guitar as a hobbyist, i also enjoy film making. Im actually thinking about going to be a film director as a primary job. This particular one is a project i made for my psychology class about drugs, and out of hesitation, i decided to do it on Heroin. Its not fairly accurate since i never did drugs but you guys should take a break from those guitars and watch it. Oh yea dont mind the tid bit in the end.

Critic it, make fun of it, I dont know, im just happy with the things I enjoy doing. cool.gif
vinceg -

very good!!! you did a hell of a lot better than i could have but there's a couple of things about it you could do a little differently...

1 - the girls don't have any track marks (little over used needle insertion marks) on their arms indicating that they need to have more because it doesn't look like they've even had any... a little make up will take care of that! haha

2 - you need some random garbage lying around and make the place a lot more messy!!! hahaha haven't you ever been to smack den??????? just playin!

3 - have the girls memorize more important details of the paper and then recite it from memory and at the end have one of them or both of them really stress the possible outcome of doing heroine... make the viewer realize the dangers and how they are real

4 - in the beginning, only for a few seconds, you should have the girl studying in her nice clean room with some britney spears playing or something in the background and then have a black screen come up with white text that would tell you 6 months later after she discovered heroin (i'm sure you could come up with something more clever to say than that haha). this way the viewer knows that this can happen to anybody. cause being that it's such a short clip it makes you think she's always been a heroin user starting off with her feening like that.

those are my critiques!!! other than that the cinematography (i think thats the word) was awesome! great job man!!! you could really make something of yourself doing stuff like this!!!


ps i'm not a smackhead i just know a hell of a lot about it from DARE! hahahahahahahaha
Yea there were a lot of things wrong with this video. Time was a big deal here because my pysch teacher gave us like 4 days to work on it and I thought, shot, edited, and put in the dvd in a matter of 2 days(which is hard considering on what I did). The end was just messed up because were running out of tape and battery so we printed out some facts and talked. There where track marks when we shot the film but its barely visible on the film. But thanks for your critic, I might post up more of my stuff if you guys want to see it.
yeah it'd be great to see more!!! it's amazing you got that done with the time frame you were given!!
This is one of the things we did this year for our school news, its more of a review things on the first 3 ep but gets into more film-esq type till we got cancelled later on. Me and my friend Marcus made it, but along the way, Marcus started writing scripts and making things more professional. Some of this was pretty enjoyable, some are boring but enjoy anyway buckjones.

1st Episode

2nd Episode

3rd Episode

4th Episode

5th Episode

6th Episode

This one is my least fav because when I first looked at the script, it was funny but the benefits of shooting in school is terrible and we couldnt get the people to show up again. We made this in 1 week and were still not done, it just turned out horribly in the end.

7th Episode Last one

This is the best one we ever did, script wise, acting(although i am terrible and cant speak english), and the shots.

Hope you enjoy some of this buckjones
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