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Full Version: Behemoth's New Album "evangelion"
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The Uncreator
Past couple of days I have been listening to the new Behemoth album Evangelion. From the first to last note of this album I think this is perhaps the strongest record they have made. Beautiful production and sound, Great tone, and I think Nergal's vocals are now simply at there best. The lyrics are (as always) Intelligent, thought-provoking, and extremely powerful.

Anyone else pick up the album? If not I highly suggest it to any Behemoth fan (obviously) or just any fan of heavy, intense, Death Metal.

Evangelion is just a beautiful album.

Here is there newest music video for the single off the album, "Ov Fire And The Void". As always, Behemoths music video is simply awesome and beyond the norm.

Video contains some minor graphic images, The worst of which are filtered out
great song
Album of The year. No contest.
I've had the album for a few days now, but I still haven't listened to it yet. This single sounds promising though so I might listen to it tonight.
The Uncreator
The songs "Daimonos", "Transmigration Beyond The Realms Of Amenti", "He Who Breeds Pestilence" and "Ov Fire And The Void" are my favorites, Just an awesome album.
I have had this album for a couple days and really enjoy it, my favorite song being Daimonos. I recently saw Behemoth play live and the new songs they played seem even heavier in person. Also, I got a great deal from Best Buy getting the cd and bonus making of dvd for only $9.99. The dvd has several interviews with lots of people involved in making the album and a behind the scenes of the photo session for the booklet.
Santiago Diaz Garces
I've always though that Behemoth is the band with the best sound of all the black metal bands. And they didn't dissapointed me with this album. This song is great. I really liked the production of the video. It's awesome!!
Toni Suominen
Have to check out this new album.
Great album, that's for sure smile.gif

The drumsound on this album is AMAZING!!!
Just listen... *wow* biggrin.gif
I liked DEMIGOD better than evangelion...
I love this album...what is weird is my Dad is the death metal fan of the family. He turned me onto this album and I have to say its something special. Daimonos is probably my favorite song.
Ivan Milenkovic
That's a great video, and great song. The production is superb.
Lian Gerbino
I´m in love with this album!!! it´s just awesome!!! Nergal Rules!!!
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