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Full Version: Congratulations For You New Board Pedja!
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Kristofer Dahl
I am really looking forward to see what kind of activity there will be here! biggrin.gif

Check out all the sub boards here.
Well deserved Pedja!
Congrats! cool.gif
Well deserved, Pedja! Congratulations on your own board! smile.gif
Congrats pedja, well deserved indeed!!!
Such a helpful dude,
Congrats Pedja.....I was wondering when this would happen......\m/\m/
Emir Hot
Cool Pedja. Studends can now have more direct approach to your great music knowledge. I don't have one but I believe it's a very helpful thing.
Congratulations, Pedja =)

You're a big boy now tongue.gif
Pedja Simovic
Thanks a lot guys !
I am thrilled to have the board up and running. I hope you will enjoy activities and discussions I have planed in sub boards provided.
GMC for life smile.gif
Gratz pedja! You'll make good use of 'em
Velvet Roger
Congrats Pedja on your own board, well deserved!!! smile.gif
Pedja Simovic
Thank you Olle and Roger. I hope to see you around my board smile.gif
Chris Evans
hey! great news Pedja, well deserved! smile.gif
This is a great news biggrin.gif
Pedja Simovic
Thank you Chris and Robert, much appreciated guys really !
Ivan Milenkovic
Congratulations Pedja, cheers man smile.gif
Pedja Simovic
Thank you Ivan smile.gif
Great job, Pedja. I look forward to reading and participating in this, "soon to be very active," portion of the GMC forums!

this is pretty sick Pedja, congrats. This should keep you busy for a while haha, ill check out asap
Congratulation Pedja !!!

Your brilliant answers to theory questions will not be lost anymore smile.gif

big congrats goes to Pedja biggrin.gif
Santiago Diaz Garces
Congrats man!. You really deserved it. Your posts are always very helpful and full of knowledge, so, it was only a matter of time to have your own board. Cheers!
yay a new place for me to do my spamming smile.gif
Congrats Pedja! I'm really excited and looking forward to your forum lessons.
This is excellent news. I learn so much from these forums and yours will be no exception I'm sure Pedja! Congrats! wink.gif
I'm surprised it took this long to get your own board. You earned it man! The effort you have put in to helping everyone here at GMC just leaves me speechless,

Congrats Pedja! This will be a great resource for all of use. smile.gif
Pedja Simovic
You guys are great!
I will do my best to keep this board interesting with frequent updates. Stay tuned!
Hi thats great news

Hope I have some time now for GMC and will definetly hang out on your board from time to time
Eventually, you got your own board! I remember when you were talking about it all the time! laugh.gif

Congrats, you deserve it very much! smile.gif
Muris Varajic
Well deserved Pedja, congrats!! smile.gif
Pedja Simovic
Thank you Chris, Tolek and Muris ! smile.gif
Nicenicenice biggrin.gif
Congratulations mate smile.gif
Pedja Simovic
Thanks a lot Paal smile.gif
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