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Full Version: Bass Mtp Phase 1
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Bogdan Radovic
Hello everybody! First of all I want to welcome you all to first phase of bass mentoring program!

This thread will be for general discussions and questions about the MTP. I will make separate threads for each participant where I will guide you personally through the course. The focus of this MTP will be to guide you through the bass lessons we have at GMC and enhance your technique and bass composing skills! By the end of the mentoring program you will be able to improvise your own bass lines and make good grooves and also have good technique to back them up!

There will be weekly assignments, and if you dedicate at least 30 min a day - you will be fine. It would be good not to fall behind or anything for optimum performance in course so try to dedicate some time.
Bogdan Radovic
As you may have seen you all got the first assignment to work on! I decided to post it a little in advance (next assignments will be posted on Mondays). This MTP will be course based and for now whole group will get same assignments. Of course individual problems etc with the material will be addressed during course.
I have mentioned earlier, point of this bass course will be to give you essential technique grounds, bass line composing skills and to teach you how to play and think like a bass player. (You all three of you have a background in playing guitar before bass).
Bogdan Radovic
Ok guys the second assignment is posted! I want you to keep working on your technique while I introduce you to a new theory subject! There will be a test posted in the end of the week. Keep up the good work!
Bogdan Radovic
Just to inform you guys that the theory test for this week has been posted! Try to answer on your own first,without using help of materials online, but if you don't know the answer find it in Andrews article about intervals and apply it.
Bogdan Radovic
Weekly assignment 3 posted!

This time we are going to start with some walking bass (and improvising)! Remember to report all your progress and feedback so you can maximize the practice experience. Make sure that you spend some time just improvising your own bass lines using concepts learned from the weekly lesson. Keep up the good work! smile.gif
Bogdan Radovic
here are some questions and answers that will clarify some things we are covering with this week's assigment:

Q: Why playing half notes and not quarter or eight notes?

I think it would be wise to play half notes. Why? Because you will practice classic jazz 2 feel walking bass line! You will also practice your time keeping skills - playing longer notes will require you to count beats in your head and its somehow "harder" to play in that feel then in straight 8th notes. If you have troubles with timing when playing half notes I advice tapping your foot to the beat (two taps per note).
But for practice you can try playing in half notes, then quarter notes and then 8th notes for example. That would be best option actually - to be versatile in all.

Q: Should I use only root and 5th when improvising a bass line? In practice, if the chord is Dm - I can use only D (root) and A (perfect 5th) ? That approach looks limiting to me.

Now let me explain a little about the roots and 5ths approach to improvising. Its also called 2 notes approach so yeah if you have Dm chord in backing you are basically playing D as root and A as perfect 5th. Those are only two notes and it looks "limiting" of course but you want to learn how to make interesting lines with only two notes. Also thing is that you can use also octave higher D and octave lower A so that makes 4 notes in one position to choose for improvising! You can chose those two notes anywhere on the fretboard actually! Its advised to start each chord changing phrase on root note, after that you can go to 5th or octave and you can also repeat notes if you want. Repeating notes is a good thing, many players do that instead of choosing different note for each one you play in a walking bass line (which can result in "not so organized" line). But in "Walking bass series" I went for different note each time to demonstrate more possible variations.
Bogdan Radovic
Weekly Lesson 4 posted! Have fun practicing and remember to ask if you have any questions and to post your feedback! smile.gif
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