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Jose Mena
So members of the Ultimate GMC virtual band, lets see if we can make up our minds about the type of music we will be creating. The influences seem to vary, but at least it is all rock right.

I like almost all types of rock, but we want to feel comfortable with what we are doing. I would like to be original in what we do, and see what kind of sound we create together, we will not always agree but that is part of being in a band.

I'd like to hear references to bands you guys like and what sound you would want to go after, hopefully we create a blend of all our influences and come up with something cool and unique

ok then, My influences come from a variety of vocalists from the rock and metal genre. Im going to pick out the most influencial to me...

Brent Smith - Shinedown
James Hetfield - Metallica
David Draiman - Disturbed
Aaron Lewis - Staind
Chad Kroeger - Nickelback

These bands are mainly the kind of music I like but I also go for good old rock with bands such as Rainbow, Dio, Free, The Scorions, etc.

I can be a very versatile singer and I would like to go for a sound like Shinedown or Nickelback however i'm very happy to hear suggestions smile.gif
I like alot of styles, from alt rock, to metal, to funk, even pop.

Bass players I was mostly influenced are from the following bands:
Red hot chilli peppers(Flea)
Alter bridge
John Mayer
Guns n' roses

So I can adapt to preety much any type of rock you guys want to do, but I would mostly love to incorporate as much funk as possible as that is one area I really want to grow bassline writing wise..
I like a lot of styles as well..

My influences (amongst many others):
Danko Jones
Devin Townsend
Goo Goo Dolls
Iron Maiden
Paradise Lost
Pogo Pops
Smashing Pumpkins
Tori Amos
White Lies

I'd like to cover a wide area in the field of "rock", ranging from mellow poprock to all out metal smile.gif
Jose Mena
Cool stuff guys

Seems like we are up for a good start, I'd suggest diving into it as soon as possible, lets start creating a tune, any ideas riffs, lyrics, rhythm that you guys have that would like to see transformed in to a song, we can start uploading stuff and we take it from there.

I have a few riffs and ideas I am going to share as well, and see what we make of them

I had a cool riff idea this morning... but... I forgot about it!..

However I got this ballad idea which iv'e been playing with.. I'll try recording it and see if you guys want to try at it tongue.gif
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