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Full Version: New Alice In Chains
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Pretty awesome stuff. Can't wait for the new album to be released soon. Very reminiscent of there old sound. Duvalle and Catrelle are an awesome duo on the vocal department. It really sounds like Layne never left the band.
I used to listen to a lot of Alice in Chains and I still really like their old music. I haven't heard any other of their new songs with the new singer, but I am REALLY impressed with this!
Sounds really good. Jerry Cantrell is a huge part of the Chains sound. You should check out his solo albums, they're top notch!
Yeah, I'm really looking forward to this smile.gif
Alice in chains is an awesome band and used to be one of my favourite bands!
And their new song is a beast biggrin.gif
Wow that's great to here that AIC have new material. I saw them 2006 live with the new singer and it was awesome. For the song Would James Hetfield came on stage and jammed with them. It was a great day biggrin.gif
QUOTE (edguy @ Sep 10 2009, 03:10 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Wow that's great to here that AIC have new material. I saw them 2006 live with the new singer and it was awesome. For the song Would James Hetfield came on stage and jammed with them. It was a great day biggrin.gif

Yea, I missed those Staley/Cantrell vocal harmonizations. Alice has always been one of my favorite bands and, to me, defines the grunge genre.

The new singer although on record sounds remarkble close to Staley on record but I hope to see how the whole album turns out and how/if/when a tour would take form.

I have always wanted to see Cantrell live
Havn't listened to them for years. But oh boy, this was teriffic!!!! Got to get the album!
Thanks for opening my eyes I'm pretty sure I would have missed this otherwise.
Santiago Diaz Garces
It would be great to see them live once again
Marcus Siepen
Great band, and I am impressed about how well the new singer fits in.
Sensible Jones
I saw some footage on TV the other night from one of their appearances at one of the Festivals this year.
They were absolutely brilliant!

(Mind you I have to say that about my fellow G&L abuser!!!)
laugh.gif laugh.gif
Gabriel Leopardi
This new song is really good. It sounds big, deep and obscure as always. Can't wait to hear the full album!

Laszlo Boross
This is the same psychedelic music as before, I loved it! Thanks for sharing! smile.gif smile.gif
Marcus Siepen
The album is an absolute Killer!
QUOTE (Marcus Siepen @ Sep 26 2009, 10:52 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
The album is an absolute Killer!

Yes it is! Awesome album! smile.gif
Ivan Milenkovic
Awesome stuff, sounds really heavy and psychedelic! smile.gif
It's released here Sept 30, I've held my order just waiting for this. I'll submit it this weekend. Can't wait for it, also getting Sun Caged, Circus Maximus, Evergrey and a couple more... but Alice in Chains is the one I look forward to the most.
It freaks me out how much William sounds like Layne mellow.gif .

The album is sweet.
QUOTE (Marcus Siepen @ Sep 26 2009, 05:52 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
The album is an absolute Killer!

100% agreed. The cd player in my truck won't let me eject it it is so good smile.gif
Trond Vold
Just got my hands on the album.. and it's awesome! It sounds like they never went away!
Santiago Diaz Garces
I have to say that, honestly, I really expected less than what I heard. And then, after listened to the album, I must say that I was totally, luckily, wrong. Alice In Chains is back guys!!.
Jerry Arcidiacono
Thanks for posting this, it sounds really cool and strong. I will buy the CD!
Wow, this is really cool, it sounds so deep, dark and powerfull!

Can somebody recomend me other good Alice In Chains songs?
Thank you =)
*grmbl* my order was sent only today while waiting for Anubis Gate. Hope to get this oen tomorrow biggrin.gif
Heaven Beside You


Many more too. Alice is one of the best! That said, I just got the album yesterday, and so far (may change with more listening) I like it, but I don't think it's quite as good as their other stuff.
Mr T
Really enjoying this album the last couple of days. Love the riffs and the guitar sound.
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