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Full Version: Never Play Volley Ball
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I've never played much volley ball!

Anyway last wednesday some friends invited me to play beach volley, and it was fun.
So I decided to go again today, but early in the game I felt my arm getting sore.
I guess it was because of the serve, as I only felt this in my right arm.

On the way home it felt unusually sore.
Now I realise, I can not stretch any of my fingers fully!
It's like my flexor muscles are just temporarilly shortened!
It's damn hard to write on my keyboard.

Can I play guitar?
Yes, I can hold the pick, but right hand tapping will be hard.

Hope it will be over soon, it's scary mellow.gif

So to all of you; don't play volley ball, at least not without doing some serious warm up.
Serving in volleyball is always a pain for me too, but I think if you serve the right way you shouldn't get this kind of problem. smile.gif
Hey Ulrik, you should go to the doctor, just in case. Volleyball is a great sport, but it can be dangerous for guitar players wink.gif
QUOTE (Skalde @ Sep 16 2009, 09:18 PM) *
Hey Ulrik, you should go to the doctor, just in case. Volleyball is a great sport, but it can be dangerous for guitar players wink.gif

I study physioterapy, so if it's not gone tomorrow, I'll ask my teacher first thing when I get to school.
Eventhough I have some knowledge about muscles and injuries, it's scary, when it happens to yourself
You should never ever do any sport without a serious warm up.

But if it was the second time you played volley ball then it's probably normal to feel sore. Your hand is not used to smash a ball like that. So it's normal to feel it now especially if you played for a few hours.

Next time, warm up your fingers, wrists, elbows and shoulders by moving them before you start playing.

Volley Ball is going to hurt your back and your ankles and knees much more than your arms... wink.gif
always when i play it at school..
i just have to get a ball on top of my finger, it always happens and it hurts for like 2 days afterwards..
so 2 days no guitar playing whenever i play volleyball.. it made me quit volleyball pretty fast xD
Ivan Milenkovic
Yeah, before volleyball you should do proper warmups, it's intensive sport, lots of jumping and serves, so hands can be pretty stretched out. Take care man.
Santiago Diaz Garces
Rugby would be painful too, so, don't try it. Hahaha
Toni Suominen
Just let your arms relax for a couple of days (no excessive shredding etc.) and see if it will go away.
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