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Full Version: Metal Dorian Collab
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Ivan Milenkovic
Here's the final mix and comments for metal dorian collaboration! smile.gif

There weren't a lot of participants involved, but Dexxter and Jafo really did their best, and I think it sounds awesome. Each put it's own distinct style and flavor into the track, and I'm very pleased on the result! smile.gif



Rhythm: great figures, not one note off in the whole take and all played with perfect timing, probably due to the fact that you had guitar pro. Really well done for this one. I like the intro, and all the rhythmical phrases in both parts, but I think somewhere after the start of the second part you had some longer notes that kinda outbalanced the rhythmical structure a bit.
Phrasing: Great sense for the phrases, specially in the first part of the take, where melodies interact with each other in a very cool way using some fast passages. In that second part there is again that problematic part that is lacking a bit of a structure and connection with the rest of the solo. My general impression regarding your phrasing on this one was that all the phrases was nicely fitted and perfectly played, but they lack some degree connection so they don't sound phrase-after-phrase like. However, by listening to your take, I definitely didn't get the impression that you were playing lick after lick, the connection is there, I just feel the connection could be a bit stronger.
Technique: You displayed a variety of techniques here, and all of them were perfectly used to execute the notes flawlessly. There are only 1 or 2 week notes in the whole take, and the only thing I would like to hear more is the use of a wider more aggressive vibrato more often.
Sound: Great sound that cuts well, and doesn't suffer from any problems regarding buzzing. The amount of overdrive is just about enough, and space is great. Nothing to add here, very good.


Rhythm: Rhythmical structure has tighter connections between the phrases that it may appear at first glance. All the notes were carefully played, with minor timing problems in the beginning section of the second part. The dynamic build up was not executed effectively, and because of this the solo sounded flat. The reason for this is the use of too many similar rhythmical phrases in both takes. Despite of this, the second part indeed had somewhat faster sequences which can be considered a nice separation and build up from the first one. If it had some crucial elements implemented, like defining the transition between the parts better, and defining those faster passages towards the end to a bigger extent so they reach a proper climax, I think it would sound even better.
Phrasing: The phrasing used was excellent, with a very noticeable and straightforward structure of 4 big phrases in each section and more than cool overdubs. All 4 phrases in the first section were really good, and you found a way to balance them and develop them as the backing progressed. In the second part, the notes and the theme start to loose definition towards the end of the solo. All this decreases the effectiveness of the solo a lot, because the listener usually remembers the last part of the solo. Next time, I advise if you do have problems finishing up the last phrases, stop, rest, and come back the next day with a fresh idea in mind. The overdub the guitars carefully and recreate the end part so that really fuses with the solo, but also it wraps up the solo nicely.
Technique: Everything was played very good, with strong accent given on palm muting technique. The thing that I believe lack here is a good controlled vibrato, and some definition in those last phrases, so all the notes come out equally well. Everything else was really nice.
Sound: Overall tone was good. I listened both of your posts, and it sounded more defined to me while listening only to the soloed guitar track. This leads me to conclusion that amount of space used and relative lack of mids made guitar track a bit lost in the mix. Not too much, but I believe it could have better definition to some extent. I believe focusing guitars into 500-1500Hz region and cutting out other places (specially the low end) would make it a bit more tighter and mids-hi mids would be smoothed out and your palm muting and notes would get that pleasant "chunk" pronounced even more to let the notes jump out in the mix. Cutting down the space just a bit would help as well.

Thanks a lot guys for participating in this one! smile.gif
Thanks again for the comments and collab Ivan, too bad that there wasn't more participants. Interesting take Jafomatic smile.gif
QUOTE (Dexxter @ Sep 30 2009, 01:30 PM) *
Interesting take Jafomatic smile.gif

Born of desperation, glad you found it interesting at least smile.gif

As always, Ivan, thanks so much for the feedback and suggestions. By the time I finally uploaded it, I had totally forgotten that I had double tracked this. It still isn't up to my usual quality, but at least it isn't as bad as I had been thinking in my mind.

Ivan Milenkovic
Thanks again guys, well done with both takes! smile.gif
Daniel Realpe
great partcipations,

Dexxter's tone is very present and clear, I love it!

Both of the solos are very interesting
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