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Full Version: Marek Rojewski Mtp Thread
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Lian Gerbino
first to all, I want to tell you about all weak points I saw in your playing. I´ll do this in a constructive way, so don´t take it bad smile.gif after all for this weak points you´re here.

* I noticed that you don´t use your pinky so much.

* a weak vibrato sometimes makes you miss the correct tune for every note.
* palm muting could be better.

which pick are you using?
if it´s too soft, you won´t get a powerful sound. I´m using dumlop 1.5 mm. so I think you give it a try. you should sound pretty close to me, taking in mind your pick-ups and your guitar are very similar. so, I think we could improve your sound from the hand and from the pick.

now your first assignment about technique is an etude on patterns that helps you to develop your pinky.

first assignment:

Time to complete: 7 days (next Wednesday)
Level: Intermediate

Remember: you must provide audio or video of how progress is going. smile.gif if you want it, and have the time to add drums and more instruments, do it. but for this first assignment I am not asking for it. so, since we have a dead-line to respect, you can rec your takes using only the metronome.

part 1-
-using alternate picking..
learn this first assignment start at 170 bpm
increase to 190 bpm
increase to 210 bpm
increase to 230 bpm

part 2-
once you feel comfortable with it apply the following:

start at 170 bpm (2 times)
at 190 (3 times)
at 210 (4 times)
at 230 (4 times)
rest or jam during 10 minutes and repeat the assignment for many times. remember to focus on your practice, concentrate and have fun during the process that´s better than 100 hour-practice.
once you got it, we still use this kind of exercises as warming-up.

part 3-
as you ask me, this etude is also focused on one scale (Em) to give you some options in time of creating solos.
here you´ll find all the notes of the scale through out the fretboard.
after practice, you´ll notice that you are also improving your jam skills, because you´re putting attention on specific notes.

IMPORTANT: The following part is out of the weekly dead-line, so you can work on this if you have the time to do it.

I would like you re-practice this lesson since I think you like it.
and apply the following:

1-use the correct fingers at the intro.
2-look for a better position of palm muting.
3-and improve the galloping part.

have fun practicing and ask me for whatever you need.
Marek Rojewski
Okay Lian, I shall start practicing this pinky exercise. I am using an unknown brand pick now - Clayton 1.26mm. They are those big triangular picks, similar to Dunlop Tortex. I used Tortex blue and purple picks before Claytons (the blue one is 1mm and the purple is 1.2 I think).

I won't have much time to be online for the next 3-4 days, but I will keep practicing, so expect the audio take of the exercise soon after;)

Oh and just before I leave for those few days --> I never tried to write a bass/drum line for anything, just know that it can be done by writing it in guitar pro/tux guitar and then the sound can be altered from midi, with VST plug-ins.

Lian Gerbino
great man! have fun practicing, remember to use Alternate picking exclusively.

QUOTE (Marek Rojewski @ Oct 7 2009, 05:45 PM) *
Oh and just before I leave for those few days --> I never tried to write a bass/drum line for anything, just know that it can be done by writing it in guitar pro/tux guitar and then the sound can be altered from midi, with VST plug-ins.

yes, don´t worry about it, I want your takes only with metronome for this time.
then we could work together adding bass and drum lines if you are interesting on.

Marek Rojewski
Hi there Lian! I don't have a good idea how to record metronome with reaper, I have some really crappy mp3 metronome files, but these make me unable to follow them easily.

I still am not able to play the assignment I uploaded few takes, I haven't tried really really hard to record them the best I can, after all it is important to be able to play it flawlessly every time, not have "good luck".

I don't know how to switch positions up and down the neck. I am sliding from the 5 fret to the 7 fret than to the 12 fret and so on. You can surely hear it in those recordings, and I am not sure isn't it a waste of those few moments that would make the playing easier...

I also uploaded one take for Canis and Superize assignments that I recorded some time ago (I learned them before getting my own assignment). Now I can play them bit better, and the preset I used clearly wasn't a good choice..

One last thing about my exercises -> after playing for a bit longer time I can play cleaner and faster, but anyway after few good takes my hands tenses, as the speed/my stamina is at it's peek;)
Lian Gerbino
well man, all these takes were good, not perfect tho. and, as you said, the clean preset it was not a good choice. anyways they are not that bad smile.gif

since you are able to rec a vid, would be great if you find the time to rec a take with the assignment 1 (at the tempo you feel comfortable with) just to see how you are using your fingers.

also here is the new assignment for the following days.
and also, I´ll add 3 metronomes you can import in reaper.

remember: after a while of hard practicing, stretch your fingers softly and apply some massages over your hands. this eventually help you to increase your resistance and also you will control your fingers at high speed better.

October week 2

Alternate picking - fingers independence
Marek Rojewski
Hi there Lian! I recorded the last weeks exercise with a camera, it shows where my problems are. I think it is more moving my hand "between the boxes" problem, than a pinky problem (although better pinky could save the day wink.gif ).

I also recorded a take for REC of one lesson, first time in few months that I touched my old guitar as it has standard tuning, I must say it didn't help, quite different way of playing between a fixed bridge and a "floyd". Anyway good enough to have some criticism on it I hope:)

Now back to practicing:)
Marek Rojewski
Hi there again Lian! I uploaded a audio take on the latest exercise. It surely can be played cleaner/more even but I think the take isn't bad. Both of the exercises You gave me are good, I plan to use them everyday:)
Marek Rojewski
I bought new headphones, sennheiser EH 150, finally headphones that are of nice quality and have a long cable, so I can move while

So I tested them:

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