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Full Version: Joruus - Mentored By David (mtp)
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David Wallimann
Week 1 & 2
deadline: October the 15th

Hi Ben!
We're now moving on to weekly assignments as indicated in the new MTP rules.
Because I posted this a bit late, I'll combine the first 2 weeks into one.

The deadline for these first couple weeks will be on October the 15th.

Because we are combining these first 2 weeks together (we already missed the 1st one! -> my fault!!!), I'd like you to post two videos (or mp3s).
For the first one, please record only the first two licks of the song we've been working on.
Take into consideration the tip I recorded for you here:

Once you have that posted, concentrate on the full song using that method and post the full thing before the deadline...
Let me know if you need anything!
Thanks alot for the video response smile.gif That should help alot!
Ill get started to focus on those two lick today.

Also i have sortof the same question as Tom. Do you choose the lesson to use for Rec and we work on it in mtp? or do i have to pick another lesson for the Rec part?
Think i got it!
Now i count starting on the last note of first lick with "2 and 3 and" on the second 'and' comes the first note of the second lick, if i got it right..
and then i play the part right after the second lick automaticly in time it seems, i included that too on the mp3

Click to view attachment
David Wallimann
For the REC program, I think we should pick something that has to do with what you are working on...
In this case rhythm placement...

I just listened to the two licks, that was it!!
Great job!!!

Now let's aim for the full thing by the 15tgh.

Really nice job. As always don't hesitate to ask me if you have any questions!
I just made a progress update mp3 smile.gif
I think it went pretty well except at about 0:47 the last note in that lick i got a bit hasty..

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David Wallimann
Great progress!!!!!
Keep playing it daily focusing on super tight placement.. Boucing your head or foot to the rhythm should help, but this is sounding good!!! :-)
I made a video for the Assignment week 2 of october smile.gif

Bouncing foot or head while playing doesn't really work yet so i didn't try that for this recording, i can tap foot when listening to backing without playing but when i play i sometimes suddenly tap to the melody or something.. instead of rhythm, guess that just needs more practice.

David Wallimann
Ben, do you realize how much progress you have made during these few weeks?
There still are a few little rhythm placement problems on the faster licks, but if I didn't know the original solo, I would not have noticed that much at all.
I am very very pleased with your work here!
I would almost tend towards getting that lesson for the REC. A little more work and that should get a great take!
But we'll see...

So, are you ready for the next phase? Here comes week 3!

Week 3 (deadline: October 22nd)

In this lesson, we'll continue adding licks under your musical belt.
The main focus here should be again rhythm placement...
Check out the lesson, memorize it. Make something musical!

Here is the lesson!

Here is your backing:
Click to view attachment

Thanks thats great to hear!
I do notice things get easyer to do but im always unsure if im really improving that much so its always great to hear from you smile.gif

New assignment sounds great again, ill get started on it later today cool.gif
David Wallimann
And yeah, you really are making great progress!!!
Hi David,

I got the first two parts down pretty good but the third part [video 4] is really fast so im a bit stuck on that one.
I can play it a bit faster then you play it in the slow part of video though, so i guess i should be able to play it on tempo soon, it just takes up some extra time..

Should i record just the first two parts for thursday deadline? or a slower version with the first 3 parts? (if i can't play it fast enough yet thursday)

edit: i suddenly found the GP speed trainer! Makes it alot easyer to speed up and see where im at biggrin.gif
I made a gp file for it with just this lick in it, now and i can play it without mistakes now at 55bpm.
(speed trainer loops the lick starting at 50% speed and adding 1 bpm each run)
David Wallimann
I'm glad you found the speed trainer!
I think that's the best part of GP!
I'd like you to record the 3 parts if you can. Just do it at a comfortable speed. You can stretch it a bit, but not to the point where it's too hard and you're all tensed up...
will do that smile.gif
Could you post the backingtrack at 65bpm please?
Here are my takes for the deadline..
Cause i didnt have a slow backing yet i recorded the first 3 parts guitar only at 65bpm (while playing guitarpro for timing)

But i also made a take of the first 2 parts with the fullspeed backing.
I use my volume pedal for volume switching now (not sure if you can hear it in this take) cause my volume knob on guitar crackles if i change it while a note plays..

I can play that 3rd part upto 80 bpm now so i think i should be able to get it at fullspeed next week smile.gif
Aswell as the rest of the lesson i hope.

Click to view attachment
Click to view attachment
David Wallimann
This is good!
Your rhythm placement is quite good!
I don't want to overload you with tons of extra work. I think we should continue on this lesson.

Week 4 assignment: Bending control..
Keep working on memorizing this lesson and keep focusing on rhythm placement.
It's good, but can always be a tiny bit tighter!
Also, this week try to focus on your bends. Make sure that you land on the correct note.
You did quite well on the backing, but I can still send you the slow one. Would that help?
Thanks smile.gif
I'm happy the rythm placement is ok, cause i didn't practice alot with the backing yet, because i wanted to learn the licks first.

I hope i can play all at 95 bpm next week but maybe it would be nice to have the 75 backing just in case..

David Wallimann
Sorry for late answer..
Here is the backing at 80. 75 was a bit too slow for it to work well...

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