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Full Version: Nimrandir - Mentored By David (mtp)
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David Wallimann
I decided to open this thread separately from the MTP since this doesn't have any deadlines or anything like that...
So, we talked about orchestrating.
I thought I wold give you a real assignment. Something you might find in real life...

Here's a short intro. Just guitars, bass and drums.
I'm the client.
The client wants to give this metal piece a more dramatic feel with some classical instruments.

That's where you come in! The tempo is 100. You can just import this into your computer, add whatever you want and post you result here.
I'll give you tips as we go.

Have fun!

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This intro sounds awesome! biggrin.gif I'll start working on this after I finnish the main MTP assignment smile.gif
So here's how I would start doing this : first I transcribe the riff or at least get the basic harmony which will go well with it. Then the actual orchestration comes in. I can hear in my head the part of string section, but the problem is taking next step - what should brass and woodwinds do? But anyway, I'll first make string part, and then will think about what I can do next.
Am I thinking in the right direction? smile.gif
David Wallimann
Yeah, you're right!
I would too start with strings...
For other instruments, as you add more melodic lines, check a chart to see what range instruments can cover...
I'm having trouble transcribing this riff. Are you using the whammy pedal set to harmonize 4th or 5th down? Just can't pick up the notes, they seem to be lower than my standard tuning guitar can produce smile.gif
David Wallimann
Yeah, it is a bit hard because the whole riff is doubled an octave lower...
It is standard tuning though...
Here is the first part of the riff in GP format...
The next part is similar but in F#...
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