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Clare Hi guys i thought i would throw another one in the mix, i hope this time the video and my sound quality is getting a little better?? still getting a grip on all this new digital world! i really tried to make this one right cause i used your input from the last video, any tips you can give me is a bonus for me...thanks guys tongue.gif GEAR USED: 2008 Warmoth hybrid strat. JVC camcorder Sonar 8 Sony Vegas 8.0 Roland VG-99 Edirol ua-25ex audio capture.

Kristofer Dahl
I think you did a good job here. To make it even better you could improve your timing on the trickier pinky licks towards then end. Also you vibrato/tone is good for most part - but I noticed some occasional vibrato note where it sounded a little out of pitch (this could either be your tuning or the vibrato).

All in all - well done!
Ivan Milenkovic
Very good! Vibrato was great, although a bit unprecise here and there. The muting could be better as well, needs to sound note-by-note.
Muris Varajic
Timing on arpeggios part was a bit unstable indeed
and you should also try with more wider vibrato imo,
give it a shot, good take tho. smile.gif
Jerry Arcidiacono
To reach a perfect take, you need to work a little more over your vibrato and pay attention on timing and cleanness, always!
Good job anyway smile.gif
Emir Hot
The only thing that you need to pay attention is the rhythm placement. Don't go before the beat - no rush. Everything else is good - vibrato, feel etc... Good work
Well done bro, 8.4 on this one!
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