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Hey guys,

Guitar Rig Session is offered at a price of 150€ or $ (better buy it with $ though) and as my current sound card is pretty crappy (Creative Labs Audigy Platinium) I was thinking about replacing it with that.

What do you think ? Are you using that hardware ?

I think if you can input your guitar jack, any sound card should be good. The software just needs the signal. smile.gif

Otherwise, you can buy an external port with USB facility. Check me if I am wrong.

btw I used audigy 2 with cakewalk some 5 years ago to record my demos. and it wasn't bad.
Well, I am a bit tired of my Audigy. It's really old and I cant configure it easily and correctly. The volume is too low, the ASIO drivers are crappy and conflicting when opening my audio player and so on... I really don't enjoy playing guitar with that stuff anymore. I spend my time trying to configure the sound on my computer before I can start playing.

Well, that's perhaps because of Windows 7 as well. I hadn't that many problems with XP. sad.gif
From what I have found, its really not wise to upgrade OS immediately although XP is pretty solid. Mainly because, there won't be drivers available until sometime. I had had problems while upgrading to vista but as PC sucks big time (for me), I have migrated to Mac.. and even a version upgrade sometimes give me problem on Mac too. So, I don't really upgrade, I haven't to 10.6.

Anyways, if you are getting the Guitar Rig Session, doesn't it come with the interface as well? That one should be great. If you are using other softwares, you might want to try M-Audio gears.. heard good things about it.
So yesterday evening I put my guitar down and opened some documentation.

I am using ASIO4ALL and it doesn't allow to load an audio interface when it's already in use. The problem with Windows 7 is that when you use Windows Media Player, it will open your current default audio interface and even though you close it, the WMP process will stay open and use that interface.

So, I have to open the tasks manager, kill the process and then reopen my DAW, reselected ASIO4ALL, switch OFF/ON on the interface and then it's solved. Pretty painful... smile.gif

Another problem I had is that the modification you make in the ASIO4ALL interface does not seem to affect the currently opened DAW or Audio software. I had to re-open the DAW/software configuration, reselect ASIO4ALL and re-click Done/Save for the modifications to affect the software...

I still have a volume problem with my Line In. If I turn the volume knob to max my sound will be distorted so I have to keep it at 40 - 50%, so I can have a clean sound. The problem is I have to turn the volume UP somewhere else and I am unable to find enough boost to have a correct volume.

Yesterday, I tried Revalver MKIII and in that modulator you can boost the volume. The problem is I am using my POD 2.0 for the effects, no software... When using my POD I have to turn the volume to 80 - 90% to have a comfortable sound.

Do you know some sound booster or something that could help me turn the volume UP ?
Bogdan Radovic
QUOTE (Keilnoth @ Nov 17 2009, 06:50 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Hey guys,

Guitar Rig Session is offered at a price of 150€ or $ (better buy it with $ though) and as my current sound card is pretty crappy (Creative Labs Audigy Platinium) I was thinking about replacing it with that.

What do you think ? Are you using that hardware ?

I think its a nice deal for 150$. Don't understand how the same price applies four euro too but ok....

Alternative would be to get POD Studio GX and it also comes with modeling software and everything. I guess its an option to consider too since its much cheaper. I have been using POD Studio ux2 for quite some time now for all my home recording needs.
Ivan Milenkovic
Keilnoth, Guitar Rig Session, is well rounded product. It can be compared to Line 6 POD Studio UX1. As UX1, it consists out of USB audio interface and software modeler that is optimized for the device (using ASIO direct monitoring with zero latency).

Bare in mind tho - with Guitar Rig Session you don't get Full Guitar Rig 4 software. What you get is Guitar Rig 4 Essential which is a light version, and it has less features.

Now, what you should definitely check before you buy is if you can use GR4 presets from other people and import them into Guitar Rig 4 essential. With previous versions of the GR Session (that came with Guitar Rig 3 Essential) it was NOT possible to use any presets from other people that used full version of the software.

Now, if you don't need using presets from other people, and if GR4 essential is enough modeling that you will be needing, I think it's a good buy. Bare in mind that you also get a nice software bundle with it, including Cubase 4 LE.

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