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Full Version: Actually Looking Forward To The Melodi Grand Prix
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This is why tongue.gif

After Lordi did the impossible in 2006 and won with a metaltune dressed up as demons, I guess every genre has a shot laugh.gif
haha yes, looking forward to it as well smile.gif

Did they pass the norwegian finals yet?
QUOTE (Sollesnes @ Jan 7 2010, 06:46 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
haha yes, looking forward to it as well smile.gif

Did they pass the norwegian finals yet?

As soon as the finals begin, we will now wink.gif

I certainly hope they do laugh.gif
I'm gonna vote all I can at least biggrin.gif
Great band and great song!!

Melodi Grand Prix is called Eurovision Song Contest now wink.gif
Sensible Jones
Let's hope they win the WHOLE thing!!!!!
biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
Daniel Realpe
is ti like American Idol?
No, it's a european singing contest. smile.gif Every country send an artist out to compete, and the countries vote for eachother by phone. Winner gets to hold the next eurovision smile.gif

actully guys, I just found out that Melody Grand Prix has always only been the name for the norwegian finals. Seems like it has never been called that internationally by anyone but us xD
Emir Hot
I think this is a bit too strong for Eurovision but wish them good luck anyway smile.gif
Daniel Realpe
It's amazing that metal makes it to mainstream TV
Ivan Milenkovic
It is good, but I think the song is a bit heavy for that competition. Lordi had more melodic song. But, who knows, it's not the artists that are being chosen, it's the countries.
Daniel Realpe
That is very hard to happen here in Colombia, imo.
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