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Adrian Figallo
Hey Benjaming,

sorry for the delay getting started on the MTP, i had to make a research on how to start and what topics to take care off, it is my first time doing it as you may know smile.gif.

So i'm watching now your video, and i think i know how we can work on something for the improvement of your overall playing, and i think u started to learn how to play in a different way (compared on how i started), so i will try to cover the basics points i think you missed, please don't take it the wrong way biggrin.gif, i live you playing, but let's improve that sound wink.gif

We will have 4 assigns per month, and we only got 20 days until the end of the month, so if you can work hard on this, we will complete the 4 tasks for the month in time, and i know it is my fault, but let's try to work as a team wink.gif

Ok, so first off, i wanna see how good your rhythmic guitar playing is, i think all guitar players (and overall musicians) should have a super strong rhythm foundation, not only to play rhythmic guitar, but also to play leads, IT IS SUPER IMPORTANT, and a lot of people just wont see it that way.

So i want you to play, only the rhythmic part of my lesson aguns young meets billy gibbons, here is the link to it:

download the backing track, and play all the rhythmic patterns, again, i wanna see hows that right hand doing, then record yourself playing it ,upload the video to youtube and post it here.

You have until this sunday ok bro?

Glad to have you as my first student, lets rock!
Hi Adrian.

Looks like a great assignment!
I haven't done any serious rhythmic playing before so this will be a real challenge!
The only chord of those 3 i played before is the G major, i guess the other two are ok too though.
I'll start on it right away and work hard to get it done for sunday smile.gif
Adrian Figallo
u can do it bro, remember you can ask me here anytime if you need help, that lesson looks simple, but, could be a catchy one wink.gif
Well this was really very hard for me, and i didn't get as much parcticing time as i hoped :/
The part from lesson video 2 totally gets my hands confused with the playing 2 chords open, then 2 left hand muted, then 1 open, 2 palmmuted.. and so on, i tried to practice it very slowly but as soon as i go to a more normal speed my hands just don't seem to get it..

So in the video for today i only play the parts of video 3 and 4, without backing because its really hard for me to play even without backingtrack and watching the right timeing..
I hope this is ok for today.. really does show how much work my rythm playing needs.. tongue.gif

Adrian Figallo
Hey benjamin!

thanks for your quick take man!, this give me the idea for where to really start your training smile.gif

So ok, this week's task is super important, you have to record my Rock Rhythmic Variations lesson, with the backing track and all, it is doable for you right now, i'm pretty sure.

Once you master this one, everything will look a little easier for you, trust me wink.gif

Here is the link:

We have until next sunday (march 21), but would be great to have done for Wednesday/Thursday, remember you can upload your progress too and ask me for any advice you need wink.gif

Have a good time!

Great smile.gif
Just started on it, ill record a progress video hopefully tomorrow to see if im doing it right.

Edit: could you upload the backingtrack here or send it in a pm? so i can put it into reaper cause camera mic doesnt sound too great tongue.gif
(members cant just download from the site)
Adrian Figallo
oh nooo, we have a problem here, for this time only, can you do it recording with the camera?, i had a huge data loss some months ago, and i lost all the files of that lesson and that lesson only.. forgot about that, try to record it with the webcam, and i will try to ask kris for the files (saved here on the gmc).
Ok will do that then smile.gif.
Just got home late so i will do a progress recording tomorrow.
Ok here is how im doing now.

The 16ths are a bit hard still.
Also im not sure about the scratchy xxxxxx sound, it seems to sound weird when i do it,
and its hard to get the timing right at that part at the moment.. but i guess that would go better with some more practice time on it..

Sorry for the bad sound quality but i guess you can kinda hear whats going on anyway tongue.gif
Adrian Figallo
hey benajmin!, that's a cool update thanks!, ok so everything is pretty much good, now i can suggest you to practice with my video on, i mean just play at the same time i'm playing, do it 10-15 times everything, and you will get comfortable with all the parts, first your brain gotta feel comfortable, then start playing it slow and increase the speed, i'm sure you will get it !

now for the xxxx part, really carefully to the video, you are doing it right, but, you are doing it out of tempo, really closely wink.gif

most important have fun, learning gotta be fun, specially for a guitar player wink.gif
cool smile.gif
Ill play it over the main video alot then, and learn the last part of it aswell.

No worries about the fun part.. i always have fun when my guitar is in my hands laugh.gif
(might not always look like it on videos.. but thats just cause of concentration tongue.gif)
Adrian Figallo
perfect man, update me when u have something wink.gif
Hey Adrian smile.gif

Sorry i didnt get time to record at all yesterday sad.gif
I made a recording now though!
Did it at 80bpm cause i still have trouble with the end..
could do the rest at 100bpm already so with more practice the ending should get better too i think.

I got the backing track into Reaper this time so i didnt need to use webcam mic smile.gif (recorded the backing to get it..hope thats ok.)

Adrian Figallo
WOW! that's a great progress man!, from the bottom of my heart i have to say congratulations, you got everything on your head by now, just keep practicing it and you will get it in no time, you still don't know how much this is going to improve your playing.

when you make the xxxxxx patterns, try to really mute all the strings with all your hand, and really hit them with your right hand, that will make harmics pop up everywhere wink.gif

Now let's get to the 3rd assignment of the month, this is for you to master that right, i'm not sure if you like green day, but this song is perfect to practice that right hand, here's the link:

and here's the guitar pro file:
Click to view attachment

your task is to learn and record the song from the start to 0.54secs, that's the main rhythmic part, and im sure you will get it in no time now smile.gif, hope you are happy with your assignment!

Thanks man, great to hear happy.gif
When i just started on that one i thought it would be alot more trouble..

Really starting to love all this rhythm playing now cool.gif

Ill keep practicing it and start learning the new assignment today
I do like Greenday so that should be great! smile.gif
Adrian Figallo
hey brother, got any update for me smile.gif?
I'm working on it but its not really going great..
It seems to be very fast, wich is especially a problem for me with the chord changes.
I'll record something tomorrow after some more practice..
Hey bro!

Here is the update on the greenday practicing.
Im not sure if the tab is perfect, i think i play it a bit different but i think it sounds sortof like the song..

This is about the best i can do this one at the moment, except for a few weird mistakes in this recording, like 0:27.. (always something has to go wrong when camera is on tongue.gif )

Adrian Figallo
hey benjaming, i think the song choose wasn't the best on my side, forgot it was a speedy one sad.gif, in the other hand, i really liked the tone u used here, that jem really sounds good.

ok so here is your last assignment for the month, i promise you next month you will have more time per take, also buddy you have to submit a rec take, i think we can chose it together smile.gif, would be cool if you can start checking for a lesson that you like on the site smile.gif.

so you last task for the month is to play the verse (from 0.00 to 0.54) of my Green Day - when i come around lesson with the backing track, it is an easy, i think you can do it!

can do it for monday? sorry again about the timing, but we have to finish the month in time smile.gif!
Ok that should be doable, monday is very soon though, but ill do my best to get it done then smile.gif
That lesson looked alot harder when i checked it before we started mtp btw biggrin.gif

The half step down tuning is bit troublesome..
I do have a 2nd guitar, with a floating bridge too, wich was set up half step down,
but then i recently had my Jem out for repairs for a week (new frets + protection paint over the autograph)
so i set this other guitar to normal tuning tongue.gif
But i think ill just practice it with normal tuning today and then re-tune other guitar tomorrow for it.

For the Rec take, if that has to be done before the month ends, i think your rythm variations lesson would be best, cause i already know that and am still playing it, so i just need to get it going right at 100bpm then biggrin.gif
Hey Adrian!

The tuning was no problem afterall, only took 10 minutes.. guess im getting good at setting up floating bridges ;D

This one was real fun to play but also pretty hard at first.
It seems to go better everytime i practice it again though.
So here is how i can play it for today:

^i think i need to learn how to rock while playing too.. instead of standing so still! tongue.gif
Adrian Figallo
benjamin brother!! that's a great improve! i'm proud of you!
maybe this one could be your rec take, it is up to you, upload one more take tomorrow, and i think u will be ready for your rec biggrin.gif
Thanks smile.gif
That would be cool! I will try to play the full lesson by tomorrow then.
Hey Adrian!

Made a new take today, recording dind't want to go too well, so theres a few stupid mistakes.. but other then that its the whole song smile.gif
Except for the solo.. im practicing that aswell, hoping i can play that tomorrow or something..

Should be able to make a better take soon if we use this for rec smile.gif

Also.. when i can play the whole song including solo.. .. it will be the first whole song i ever played! biggrin.gif

Adrian Figallo
benajmin very good brother! very good!, let's submit a rec take for this tomorrow, i know you can do it!, and don't really worry about if you pass or fail the rec! it will be your first one i guess, and it's totally fine that you make mistakes at this point, don't you worry about it, the important thing is that you are learning man!, i'm very proud of your progress this month, the green day lesson is way harder than the rhythmic variations one, and it is an actual song!!, remember to always try to apply knowledge for your own things, create some music maybe, remember to train your creativity as well smile.gif
Here is the take i made today, hope the solo is alright.. didn't get much time to practice on that part unsure.gif
Shall i post this one to the rec now?

(video just uploaded.. so it probly needs some time to become better quality)
Adrian Figallo
go right ahead and post it brother, here are the guidelines:

even if you pass or not, it is a great progress you made so far, playing one full song is a BIG step!
will get the tasks for the next month smile.gif
Adrian Figallo
hey benajmin, please check your rec take bro, maybe you will have to record it again sad.gif, not sure.
but!, you have already a vote:7 wink.gif
Hehe thanks smile.gif
And yes i need to re-record it because its not allowed to get famioussong backing tracks from teachers, because of copyrights.

Thinking of another way to record it now, maybe ill buy the original song mp3 and play over that, that seems to be allowed, its less nice because my guitar has to be louder then the rest of the track so the original guitar isnt heard, but on the other hand it will include vocals wich should be nice tongue.gif

I will try to get something done tonight.. or else tomorrow
Adrian Figallo
Posted new take smile.gif
I was asked to record it with your backingtrack but playing it from the site and recording it like that.
Lucky i found out i can use my guitarhero microphone ( laugh.gif ) to record from my studio monitors ..
Sound alot less bad then the webcam mic i used before.

Adrian Figallo
This first month was very productive benjamin, here's a summary of the weekly tasks:

The first assignment, didn't knew you too much, and started with the wring choice of song for you.

Second assignment, you were just starting and it showed!

trird take, out of tempo, you started fixing that in the next take!

fourth assignment, a little bit more complex, overall good take!

and the rec take:

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