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Full Version: Identify These Chords!
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Marco Fattori
Okay so I'm tabbing out this song, and I think it would be really simple for you guys, its just I don't know much music theory.

It should be easy because there's a video of him playing it close up. Its the chorus of the song, it starts around 4:14, the chords are muffled, hearable and there's a video in front to see where its being played, im just clueless.

The tuning is in c sharp standard which I believe is 1 and a half steps down with the 6th string being a b.

I really cant move forward without these chords, I need help please! tongue.gif
Emir Hot
Yes you are right about the tuning. I will explain like it was a normal tuning. You play E but it sounds like C#.

E, D or Bm (there are 2 guitars on this chord so chose one), C, D, Am, B, E

C, D, Bm, E, C, D

If you don't want to retune guitar just think of E as C# and count from there.

edit: Every E is like E minor but he plays power chord
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