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Adrian Figallo
Hey brother, we are starting a new month in the MTP, i really hope you are having fun!, we will continue this month with rhythmic and maybe next month we will mix it up a little with some leads, all of this so you can have a strong structure and you can start learning by yourself smile.gif

So your first task is to master from 0:00 to 0:27 this awesome gabriel lesson:

hope you like nirvana!, go to the lesson you can find the backing track and all explanations there, i don't want you to use tabs for this one, it's better to train your ear and to jump into your own conclusions, maybe take you some more time, but it will worth it trust me smile.gif

You have until saturday for this one, but remember, i'm always here so you can upload process videos smile.gif
Hi Adrian
Having lots of fun sofar smile.gif
Also learning alot more then i did before mtp!

Great song! looking at the lesson now and trying it out smile.gif
Its in standart tuning right?
Adrian Figallo
very glad to hear that, yeah it is on standard smile.gif!
Hey Adrian,

This one was pretty hard to learn, i made my recording with the 80 bpm backing because the 118bpm is just a bit too fast still..

Adrian Figallo
hey bro, that is pretty good, i know the muted strings are kind of tricky but you will get there for sure!
one step at the time smile.gif

This is the next assignment, you have to record all the clean part of my lesson "one finger guitar", this is a mixture of lead and rhythmic playing, it will be perfect for you now!, here is the link!

record it from 0:00 to 1:50, and if you want you can leave out the harmonics part (if it's too hard for you) cool smile.gif?
we have until friday wink.gif, this pro could be ur rec take.

Also try to upload progress so we can monitor where are we smile.gif
Great smile.gif
Hope i get the sound setup like that in my pod.
I will try the harmonics ( i know i can do them but ive never tryed with such a clean sound), if it doesnt work should i play these notes normally fretted on the 5th fret?
Will make a video as soon as i can play a bit smile.gif
Adrian Figallo
great!!, if you wish i can send the guitar rig 4 preset smile.gif
if the harmonics wont work just leave it, because those notes are going to sound weird there biggrin.gif

looking forward to your take!
I dont have guitar rig :/
But i think i got a decent sound made in gearbox smile.gif, couldnt find an envelope filter effect anywhere though..

Just recorded a take of how im doing now, im not yet sure how to play this one over the backingtrack, i get very lost on it unsure.gif

Adrian Figallo
hey benjamin, this is very GOOD!!, try to play it with the backing track, but if you can't it is OK too, doing it great so far bro!
I recorded it now smile.gif just went very weird in the very last part.. but i thought the rest was ok so i didnt want to re-do it tongue.gif
Will be really cool if i can play this for rec end of month happy.gif

Also yesterday i recorded just for fun When i come around, over the original song smile.gif
Adrian Figallo
this is really good benjamin, i think you are starting to feel the music on your playing.
you need to work on the second part timing (the one which starts on the 1fret 2string), besides that it is really good, this can be your rec take for sure.

try to post one more take until sunday, and i will give you your new task!!
Thanks smile.gif

Ill try to play that part slower a while to get the right timing on it then.
I i got a bit confused with the picking pattern too so i needed to think alot about that, but it was like that with the first part aswell at first, but now i just pick it right automaticly, so i can watch the timing more smile.gif
Sorry for the delay, i didn't get any play time yesterday..

Recording this one is quite hard cause always something different wants to go wrong tongue.gif
But i think i got the timing of that 2nd part better now.

Adrian Figallo
hey benjamin, whooo i forgot to give you your new task!!
so here is it, and i think you are ready for it!

i think you need to work on those arpeggios, so here is a pretty good lesson to work on em

play from 0:00 to 0:38, full speed this time smile.gif

you have until monday/tuesday bro!
Hey Adrian,
sorry for the lack of replys, as said in the pm i planned to do a progress video the other day but didnt get it done..

Congrats on getting your own forumboard finally! (and the convenient alphabetic placing) cool.gif

So here is my take for today, took some time to get the chord changes in fast enough but i think thats goes alright now smile.gif
Sorry for the staring at my pickinghand all the time, normally im ok without but when recording i messed up the picking all the time laugh.gif

Adrian Figallo
very very VERY nice benjamin, best take so far, you nail it!
the last for the month now, it is my latest lesson, it is a little quick, but try to do it, just checking how fast can you go with rythmic playing, play from 0:00 to 1:31 of:

you can do it at lower speeds if the speed don't feel right smile.gif
Thanks smile.gif

That new lesson sound great!

What to do with the rec-take though? should i do Joe's arpeggiated chords lesson for that?
Adrian Figallo
let's go with joe's, i feel you confident with that one smile.gif!
Just made a take for the rec lesson, should i post this one to the rec-board? smile.gif

Adrian Figallo
go ahead and post it brother!

also, dont forget to make the last task for the month man!
I posted it to the rec smile.gif

Im working on the last take aswell, sorry it takes a while:/
Hope to get it recorded tomorrow, else i will wednesday cause i have a day off of work then smile.gif
Well i recorded the ramones lesson, but its really not great.. unsure.gif
Specially the palmmute part i keep getting confused and everything.
I used the 130bpm backingtrack for this one

Adrian Figallo
benajmin! how can u say is not great?!, you improved a lot that timing, maybe you mean it isn't perfect yet, but it's a pretty fast tempo to keep, i feel like you almost got the palm mute right!!

i will give you your next assignment ASAP!

by the way your rec take is almost flawless man! congrats on that one smile.gif

here is the summary of april's MTP:

this month was very productive, you really started to grow as a guitar player.

the first take, you had serious problems with the rhythmic of the song, we had to work on that!

you second take is already sounding way more confident, good job!

the third take, very good man, starting to sound in time and good.

the speed almost killed you, but at the end it came up very good, is not easy to play like johnny smile.gif

the rec take:

overall very nice job, you did passed this one!

Thanks alot smile.gif
I thought the middle part didnt sound so good, but i guess it just needs more practice to sound perfect at that tempo biggrin.gif

Can't wait to see the rec post being moved back to the normal board now smile.gif

Is it possible for you to make a subforum in your own board for mtp?
Like its in Bogdans forum (look at the top): link
That would probly make it easyer to check the mtp posts, but maybe only Kris/admins can make a subforum like that.. i dont know tongue.gif
Adrian Figallo
Hey benjamin, i can't make a subforum now, but for next round everything should be in order smile.gif.
Now i leave with the first assignment of the month, you really improve a lot in this time together, so let's finish the last month with some new approaches to keep growing your technique:

how's your solos playing?, i wanna know!
next task, play all this lesson:

it is a very classic and amazing solo, but before you start, let me know if you feel like it is too much for you, i personally think you can do it smile.gif
Awesome smile.gif
I was looking at that new lesson earlyer this week, id sure love to give it a try.
One thing in it will surely give me trouble though, those notes on other strings while bending, it sounds horrible when i try that, probably partly cause of my floating bridge..
Also it normally takes me a long time to learn all those parts but ill do my best to hurry it up tongue.gif

I'm really happy with how much i learned from you in these 2 months, feels like i learned more then in the almost 2 years before this biggrin.gif
Adrian Figallo
how is coming man smile.gif?
QUOTE (Adrian Figallo @ May 15 2010, 02:46 AM) *
how is coming man smile.gif?

Im about half way learning it (parts 1,2 and 3) ill make a recording of that tomorrow, to see if thats going alright.
Adrian Figallo
cool! i know this is prob a hard one smile.gif
Just made my recording of the first 3 parts smile.gif
I can't keep up with full speed yet (think im close to it though) so i can't really try on the backingtrack, there is only a full speed one.

Adrian Figallo
you got some timing issues here benjaming, it is a pretty "groovy" solo to play really, maybe you can practice this the whole month and keep going with more tasks?, today is 17 and you need to make 3 more tasks before your end of the month rec take smile.gif
Yeah that sounds good, ill keep practicing this one, while doing other assignments smile.gif
I think it ll be better when i can practice playing it over the main video to get the timing.
Adrian Figallo
great man! that's the spirit!!
we are going to return to the groove for this next task, not sure if you like the police, but this will help you developing your tempo ear, and is always great to play some regaee stuff smile.gif

from 0:00 to 1.:02, have fun!!

edit: also, i have posted a song of my band on the chill out forum, would like to know what u think!
Hi Adrian!

This one was alot more fun to play then i thought it would be biggrin.gif
Hope im doing ok on it.

Adrian Figallo
very nice!! i see that you worked out a very nice tone for this one, very cool!
you got a little bit of timing issues, but not too dramatic ones, keep practicing this lesson for some more time if you wish, it is very very groovy and it can help to deliver a good timing!

maybe this could be your rec take, you are almost there!

new task!, and this is gift from me to you, not sure if you like blues, but you have to get there eventually!, here's the first step:

you have 3-4 days only!, almost the end of the month!

from 0:00 to 0:33!
I had to learn all these strange chords, so i can't change fast between them very well yet..unsure.gif
So here is best i can do sofar:
Adrian Figallo
very nice man!!, you can't image how useful are those chords on songwritting, when something is sounding too pop or nice, just add those blues chords, and you get rock n roll!

try one more take, you are getting there, also check the B chord, you are playing it wrong smile.gif
Oops i did know the b-sting should be open at the B-chord.. just messed up with switching and didnt notice tongue.gif

And they do seem to be real cool chords indeed cool.gif starting to get used to playing them now.

So here is a new take smile.gif
Adrian Figallo
i see you are playing with more confidence now!, very proud here biggrin.gif.

now, we need one more task, and the rec take, maybe the rec can be the police song?, your call dude!
for this last month's take, and sadly our last session together for this mtp period, will be (and hope you like the chili peppers):

from 0:00 to 0:37!
Adrian Figallo
how is it coming buddy?
sad.gif Really sorry for the long delay..
I didnt get to pracice for a bit more then a week, but i should have posted here unsure.gif

Im working on that last assignment at the moment but its pretty hard, specially the last part i cant figure out the strumming pattern..
Ill try to post a video for it soon.

I really loved these 3 months mtp with you, i think i learned alot and sure had much fun learning, thanks alot!
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