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Full Version: Just Wanna Say Hi
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I just recently joined here and to be honest, it was because of your lessons. I've checked out some others, but I definitely think your style fits me best.

So pretty much wanna say thanks for doin what you are doin. Most of your stuff is just slightly beyond me, I'm probably in the 7 range of difficulty, but one thing I've noticed about me compared to you is that my tone is horrible. So I'm working on that.

I am primarily a lead funk guitarist, I guess that's just what comes out of me naturally when I improv, although I started out in metal, but I think the upper echelon of guitar playing is neo-classical and I'm really working on understanding it. And developing the skills. I hope to combine neo-classical and funk some day.

So again, thanks.
Muris Varajic
Much appreciated, keep working hard and let me know if I can help you somehow. smile.gif
If you don't have one already, maybe you can post a video explaining your approach to writing neo-classical licks, since that is what interests me. Sadly, because of my funk background, I tend to do too many mutes or blues notes within a funk rhythm.

So maybe just a brief explanation on how you might write a short, say 30 sec piece, of pure neo-classical sounds. Like why you use certain intervals or patterns. That way I can create my own and then start trying to mesh the styles. Other than that...I think I'm good. I burned through your funk and EVH lessons a bit ago. Very enjoyable.
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