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Full Version: Sony Vegas Pro 9.0 Resolution For Youtube
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The Uncreator

So I have recently got Sony Vegas Pro 9.0, and was wondering what is the proper resolution for a youtube video? (Pixel wise). No matter which option I choose to render it as it always seem too small. So I was just going to manually change the resolution, only thing is I don't know what I am supposed to use, or if I should refrain from increasing the resolution at all, Anyone more experienced have a solution?

I am very interested to know this too!
Unless You have a HD camera (which resolutions are 1080p and 1920p), I will suggest a resolöution of 720p. (720*576) Also, I found out that its best to convert the movies to native FLASH before uploading them - eg. to .flv or .f4v -files. Also make the encoder run double passes, and try to increase the kb/s value - it will make a better picture. This way., YouTube doesn't rellay need to convert them, since FLASH-video is native at YouTube. Posting an .avi file may give unpleasant results - it both takes MUCH longer time, and YouTube converters are worser than the one's in Sony Vegas, Premiere and other proggies....

Bogdan Radovic
Well depends really on your native recording format. In the vegas project settings you should set the resolution etc to the native resolution of your video footage you got from the cam. If its PAL Widescreen use that. If its HD set that. In the preview window you should have your footage filling up the whole black area (that means it fits). When exporting files I tend to leave the native resolution and choose the high quality mp4 file (you can fiddle with settings to make video bit rate higher etc). Then I upload the file and let the youtube do the extra work of converting and everything. Generally you would like to record in Widescreen aspect ratio since new youtube player is widescreen - you could fill the whole screen that way and don't have black borders left and right to the video.
The Uncreator
Thanks for all your help guys! Much appreciated smile.gif
Daniel Realpe
resolution used for GMC lessons is 640x480

widescreen on a small scale
Ivan Milenkovic
Depends what you want. You can let the source adjust the frame size, or you can cut down a resolution for a quicker upload. If you work with NTSC/PAL source than use that, if you work with HD source, than render like that. The bigger the better smile.gif

Don't forget to save the preset! smile.gif
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