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Full Version: A Few Questions?
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I have encountered a few issues while practicing lately and made a video asking about it on youtube. My basic questions include: how do you relax while doing a closed handed picking grip like Paul Gilbert? I always get cramps in my pinkey finger while I play, I try to relax but it hasn't improved. I'm also having issues with the volume knob on Strats. I love my strats and do not want to move the knob, so how does one adapt their technique to slove this issue? Finally, I have been doing picking workouts and working on my right hand alternate picking for about 4 hours each day, but I do not see any improvement....What am I not doing right and how can I improve? Here is the video:

Any and all help or comments are appreciated. Thanks so much guys!

Daniel Realpe
that's a good idea to attach the pick to the thumb, it won't fall that way smile.gif

from what I saw I think you should practice hitting the strings harder, like let the pick really fall down with some weight and get the volume out of the string,

About the strats, just look at Yngwie, he does all sorts of shredding with those guitars, so I think you can work your way around that
Ivan Milenkovic
You should focus on relaxing the hand while practicing - this is the key. Try to move your hand as little as possible, and try to really pay attention so the fingers are relaxed. Then, try to maintain that relaxed state while speeding up.
Similar story regarding the volume knob. If there is a problem there, try to see on slower tempos what is the problem and how to overcome it.
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