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Full Version: Staying Out Of The Way
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Bogdan Radovic
I once mentioned in the other thread about my favorite bass related quote : Less is more!

Generally this applies to many different things in life and of course different instruments.

Let me write you some of my views on the subject of "Keeping the spot".

What I notice in different bands is that sometimes musicians are playing "too much". We are all practicing our chops to the max and want to show it off on stage but in a band situation its all about a compromise. You as a bassist want to fill your spot well but also consider others. You should wait for your spot, ideally solo - then blast off with your new chops you've been practicing for months! If a drummer is playing a great new fill you want to support it and keep it simple. Its not a good idea to blast of your new flashy turnaround at the same when drummer is doing the same - or guitar player or any other band mate. Everyone has its spot, its very essential to know and feel when to lay back and when to blast off with flashy playing.

Of course there are bands that their main style is to play "too many notes" then its ok to give it all out no matter what! smile.gif

Any thoughts about the subject?
I was watching some Gary Moore and Toto video's on You Tube this morning. The bass players were full of expression and simplicity. The guy from Toto, he played one note and made a face like he had just played the most important and thoughtful note in the history of music. I guess it goes to the advice of not throwing everything you know into the same solo.

I just sat back and listened to the bass in both these songs. The bass player in the Toto song, picked his time to let go a bit. Less is more.

Bogdan Radovic
Great addition to the topic NoSkill!!! Those two clips really demonstrate the point well...

Toto bassist is very calculated and good! I like his style very much - no note too much in his playing for sure and groove is amazing! smile.gif
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