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Full Version: Ruben_mcn Mtp Thread - June
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Adrian Figallo
Hey ruben_mcn!

it is nice to have you on my group of students for this next MTP phase, can you tell me somethings about you?, full name, guitar level, what equipment do you have, etc?

my MTP is very personalized so i would need a recording, a video if possible, to see how are you playing actually, and i'll give you 1 task per week, again, a recording is important so i know where to start smile.gif

i hope you enjoy good rhythmic and rock n roll cause you will be playing it a lot wink.gif
Hey Adrian ..

I love Rock an Roll !!!! (Classic Rock and hardrock are my favorit music types )

Well My name is Ruben Oliveira.. I bealive I´m at an intermidiate level, I have been playing Guitar for something like 2/3 years ..
My all time fav player is slash fav band was OLD Guns n Roses..

My Gear:

- Gibson Les Paul Studio
- Ibanez RG 2550 z
- Line 6 amp sad.gif
- Line 6 UX 1 (for audio recording )
- Casio cam (for video recording )

The few vids I have are here:

I want to Learn how to improvise in a better way ( I now pretty well the Pentatonic boxes .. I bealive the next step would be learning the Diatonic Patterns if possible in G minor .. i forgot to mentio even tho i know the pentatonic boxes and can move arround them easly i fell that i lack pre-known licks and i have a bit of difficulty in phrasing )
But I also want to improve my Rythmic sense .. Cause i don´t have much rythm on right hand wich makes me a bit bad at rythm guitar parts and also limits my soloing cause i bealive it is importante to solo w/ ryhtm ..

So i want to :

- learn Diatonic Patterns
- Improve my rythm
- learn New Licks
- Improve My phrasing ability

I´m really looking forward to start working w/ you so let´s start ..
Let me know if you want to know anything else ..

Cheers Ruben
Adrian Figallo
Hey ruben!

i see where you wanna go!!, let's see exactly where you are, this is, and probably going to be the first task for all my students:

Please record yourself playing the whole number, again video is better.

Don't let the "level 2" trick you, if you don't have a rhythmic base it will show biggrin.gif, wanna see how is your overall timing, beat, and groove keeping, the last one for is not about playing in perfect timing, but playing "with the music".

Have fun trying to remember all the parts in order, i had to do my homework when i recorded it wink.gif.

Again, it is a pleasure to have you on board!
Thanks ..Sounds sweet.. Can you send me the Backing track ??

So far the only part i bealive is gona give me trouble is the plam muting beacuse it it all downstrocks and I´m really bad at that its like the speed you do the that part is like almost my limit speed w/ downstrock and if I do it for like 1-2 min in a row my arm really starts to burn .. (gotta really work my downstrock to achive Greater speeds ) ...
Adrian Figallo
QUOTE (ruben_mcn @ Jun 1 2010, 11:45 AM) *
Thanks ..Sounds sweet.. Can you send me the Backing track ??

So far the only part i bealive is gona give me trouble is the plam muting beacuse it it all downstrocks and I´m really bad at that its like the speed you do the that part is like almost my limit speed w/ downstrock and if I do it for like 1-2 min in a row my arm really starts to burn .. (gotta really work my downstrock to achive Greater speeds ) ...

Hey man, i'm sorry, i don't have that backing track, got a massive data loss a while ago and lost my 3 first lessons sad.gif.
for this time is cool, just go ahead and record yourself playing with the backing track just with the camera mic smile.gif
Ok.. I will only have my cam on Sunday sad.gif So I can´t record till than ..

Btw: I forgot to mention But I would Love If we could Keep our assigmnts really bluesy tongue.gif ( specialy when we get to soloing ) but its ok if we can´t you are the mentor tongue.gif I will do what ever you want Ehe
I was able to record something smile.gif but only audio unsure.gif Let me know what you think..

Click to view attachment

I used the backingtrack that is on Kaznie_nl thread..
Hey Adrian..

Have you Heard my Recording unsure.gif ??
Adrian Figallo
Hey ruben!

sorry for the delay getting back man!
ok i think you have the right technique at this moment, you are just a little out in tempo, nothing too bad, but we have to work on that!
would you be able to record a video of you playing?, i can't stress this enough, it's super to see how you are playing, that way i can know what do you need smile.gif

overall good take man, let's work on that timing!
Sure man smile.gif I just got my camera back... I´m gonna record it tommorow! (or today if i still have time ..)
Hi Adrian... I recorded the lesson smile.gif

It Seems to be out of sync but only on youtube the original file is not unsure.gif .. hope this will get back in sync after the video finishes processing ...

Btw: The Fast Downstrock part seems to be easy now (at this speed) smile.gif Guess I just needed a bit of practice..
ohh and i had to put in a bit more of gain to cover the guitar that appeard in the backingtrack .. I was going to record this w/ a emulation of a jcm 800 on a nice crunchy setting but since the backingtrack had a guitar w/ preatty much gain on it already.. so W/ the jcm it sounded wierd sad.gif
Adrian Figallo
that's what im talking about man, SOLID take.
i think you need to work a little bit on muting some strings, but that could be the guitar on the backing track.

you can submit this to rec, again it is solid.

tomorrow will post your new task, nice job!
Thanks Man .. it is a bit hard cause there is a lot of gain but most of the noise i bealive is the guitar in the backingtrack.. but I´ll try to see if there is somthing worng w/ the way I mute and i´ll try to improve it ...

I have Already submited it to rec take smile.gif

I´m looking Forward to the next task...

btw: The video is normal now ..
Adrian Figallo
New task for this week, i feel like we have to work this first month on rhythmic guitar, and get that really really rock solid, the base for every good musicians is rhythm.

you did pretty good last time, so now something a little more complex:

let me know if this is too complex please, i mean, it is a low level lesson, but they rhythmic can be tricky, sometimes is more about experience and not technique!

i want you to record the whole lesson, and also, lower your distortion a little bit to get more definition and harmonics!

have fun smile.gif

BTClick to view attachment
The lesson Sounds Cool ! I´m learnig it right now..

btw: Could You theach me how do you get to thouse tasty riffs for your lessons ?
Adrian Figallo
perfect brother, you mean, how can you came up with this kind of riffs?
I mean like is there any theory behind it ? or you just play until you come up with something ??
Adrian Figallo
not really brother, i just put a cool drum track and start playing, after 10-20 mins i get a riff like this one smile.gif
could take much more for a more complex or tasteful riff smile.gif
Adrian Figallo
how the take is going ruben? smile.gif
Hi Adrian .. my take is already done I had a lot of fun w/ this lessons biggrin.gif .. but i had to record the video w/ my mobile phone´s cam wacko.gif i will post it as soon as possible!

Here it is happy.gif :

Adrian Figallo
Hey ruben!

well man i really like this take, seems like you improved since the first assignment, are you enjoying my lessons so far?, i hope so, cause here comes more rhythm, i'm focusing on that will the 4 students i got now, and seems like you all are responding very quick to the new knowledge!

so i kinda know what to ask you now, this song is not as tricky but it's more powerful, HIT those strings.
also i want to point out that you are dancing on the video man!, keep that going naturally, it helps with the tempo, but most important i know (and people will know) that you are having fun, and that's the most incredible thing to see on a guitar player.

also, remember this, the right hand NEVER stops man, it keeps the groove all the time, rhythmic and lead parts.

i think you can play this full song, if not, leave the solo out.
Thanks Man I really had a good time w/ last assigment .. this lesson also sounds amazing smile.gif I will do it all .. can you send me the backingtrack?

too bad that I wont be able to start practicing it till the 21th june cause I´m Gona have math final exam that same day ..

btw: what did you think of the sound of my take ??
Adrian Figallo
great man, i'm glad you enjoy my lessons!!
go ahead and rock this one!

BT:Click to view attachment

i think your tone is cool, but i would lower the distortion and cut some mids, also attack the strings a little harder, it is a little bit "muddy" now, we could go sometime on video chat and hep you live!
Thanks I WILL!

I´ll give that a try in this lesson´s take ..
the video chat would be awsome man smile.gif when could we do that ?
Adrian Figallo
hey ruben, this next week works for you?
let me know at what time can u do it smile.gif
Any time you want smile.gif the 22th I will probably be home all day so for me it you be a great day for it ...
Adrian Figallo
hey ruben, any progress on the take?
sorry i couldn't go on on the chat today, you know... the world cup biggrin.gif
Hi adrian I still haven´t got it all down .. but I´ll get it smile.gif

No problem man...
Update: hey adrian I´m having a hardtime to get that part where you stop palyn for a while (around 1:05 ) ... I have a hard time starting in the right time after that break sad.gif ..
Adrian Figallo
im sorry to hear brother, just take a deep breath and listen to the song some times more, play air guitar and try to count with ur feet!
HI Adrian thanks for the advice .. I got the lesson down .. now I just need to Record it ...
I have already recorded a take Adrian I will post it here after watching Portugal - Spain tongue.gif
Here it is Adrian ...

Hope you enjoy it !
Hey Adrian... are you alive man huh.gif???
Adrian Figallo
hey ruben dude i don't know how i missed this thread!!
gave you some feedback on the rec take!

last assigment is:

this is an easy one, but i feel like you can work a tiny bit more on upstrokes/downstrokes
record from 0:00 to 1:12, would be cool if you can do it fast, we need to start this next month !!
Ok Man .. I will Do it asap .. Even tho it will be a bit hard for me to do it fast cause I´m havin another exame in 4 days.. and an audition in the day after that unsure.gif and I´m already freaking out just because of this too things ...

Btw: can you get me the backingtrack or sould i try to get it from the instructor of this lesson ??
Adrian Figallo
sure brother, take your time but remember we are behind of schedule here sad.gif
please ask gerardo for it, no clue how can i get it ohmy.gif
Ok man .. I´ll do that .
Hey Adrian .. here is my take on the last assigmnt ...
Sorry for the hold up but last week I had a lot of stuff Going On..

Click to view attachment

Btw: If you could post a new assigmnt still today i would really really apreciate it smile.gif
Adrian Figallo
hey jim did u removed the video? can-t see a thing biggrin.gif
what ?? huh.gif the video is still there you have to download it..

btw: why are you callin me jim ?? xD
Hey Adrian... Just wanted to let you know that next mondy I´m goin on vacations .. and I will be back on friday ..
Adrian Figallo
hooooo im sorry man, i cross posted, that was for JamesT hehe biggrin.gif
saw your video man, it's 100% perfect, but you should have played the rhythmic guitar you played the kind of weird chorus arrangement, but the cool thing is, you made an amazing tone man!!, very similar to the original congrats!

did you posted to rec on june? if so please link me!

also i think the best thing will be to skip july, and start august when you come back, what do you think?

also it would be awesome to have you on my "private lessons"!
No I haven´t .. I tought that since it did not cover the whole lesson it was not enouth for a rec take..
for me we ca skip to august..

I would love too .. but I can´t spend more money on lessons :S
Adrian Figallo
let me know when you wanna start august man!
also did u posted something on rec on june?
Hey Man I´m Back smile.gif we can start as soon has you want too ..

yes i did in june i posted the Muted Strings Rhythm Guitar lesson and in july the Explosive Punk Rock ..
Adrian Figallo
sorry man, missed the thread, are you ready now smile.gif?

i would love to give you a summary of your assignments but i think u removed them from youtube sad.gif.

i'm closing the thread now and posting a new one for august.

this is your REC take link but it is down too:

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