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Full Version: Mtp June
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Ivan Milenkovic
Assignments coming soon!
Ivan Milenkovic
Hey Emir! smile.gif

I watched closely your introduction thread, and I think we can start off with some cool blues lesson. Here is one lesson that can help you use both minor and major scales in blues, build up more lick vocabulary, and using different rhythmic patterns too:

Here are June assignments:

Assignment number 1:
deadline: June 14
task: check out this lesson, and rehearse videos 2 and 3
goal: post an audio recording of these two videos by the end of the deadline

Assignment number 2:
deadline: June 20
task: check out this lesson, and rehearse videos 4 and 5
goal: post an audio recording of these two videos by the end of the deadline

Assignment number 3:
deadline: June 26
task: check out this lesson, and rehearse videos 6 and 7
goal: post an audio recording of these videos by the end of the deadline

Assignment number 4:
deadline: June 30
task: rehearse the whole lesson, request backing couple of days earlier, and record a video of your playing the lesson in normal tempo
goal: post the video for REC program grading and review.

Theory assignments for June:

Answer all the questions bellow:

1. What key this lesson is?
2. What scales can you use over this key?
3. What chords are used in this lesson?
4. How many bars does this blues progression has?

Let me know if you need assistance! smile.gif
Exiting! looking forward to start with this. Just a quick question on theory questions, how should I proceed with going through questions? Use my ear, look up in books (for some more thorough answers) ? For instance Q2, feels like it's not a simple answer. Maybe some tips how can a generally improve knowledge on which scales can be used (I know basics, but more detailed and comprehensive way of understanding would be nice:) ).
Thanks, I'll get to work on this soon.
Ivan Milenkovic
Don't worry, these theory questions are more of a bonus/testing questions in the first month, so I understand how much you know about theory. You answers will tell me that. Feel free to use any resource available, and don't worry if you aren't sure about some question. Just write "I'm not sure", it will be perfectly OK. However, if you really want to study the scales, and not sure where to start, GMC theory lessons are good place to start. is also a good resource! smile.gif
Here comes part 1. I recorded it with some backing, let me know if you want these first partial ones, with or without backing track.

Click to view attachment

Ivan Milenkovic
With the backing definitely! smile.gif

Sounds great, I think you played everything nicely, and managed to improvise a bit too, some notes didn't correlate with the main video of the lesson, but that isn't a concern. I think you put in a good effort in playing this, and it sounds very good. Vibrato is very good, and the only thing that could use some fine tuning is timing. Make sure it really locks to the beat tight, and it will sound great.
Thanks for the comments and I'll really try to do my best in timing. I'm a bit confused with the drivers for my new sound card as it changes latency 'with it's own will' sometimes. That can put recorded track a bit 'off' the timeline, and then (as I preview it with zero latency) try to 'rush' in order to catch the beat. I'm working on this too:) I like this lesson, and I do too believe that tighter playing will sound much better.
Here comes part two:

Click to view attachment

Ivan Milenkovic
This is excellent. Smooth tone, natural sound, and solid rhythm too. What I suggest here is to try to insert some phrasing effects - bended vibrato (where there is bend), slide ins and outs, and specially - raked notes. That last whole step bend before you descend is very suitable for that. Try to mute the strings bellow that note and strum them all at once - it should give the bended note more weight.

Looking forward to the next take! smile.gif
I'm not sure I understand everything you said:) What is raked note? I feel like I rushed this one as it felt short (part 2) probably I'll get it to sound better when incorporated in the whole tune (easier to follow the groove of the beat when playing a bit longer tune). which last whole step you mean? on 15th fret e-string?

Thanks for the detailed feedback! I'll also try too examine a bit more how you played exactly. I think you nailed that blues feeling in the outro lick of this lesson smile.gif
Ivan Milenkovic
Raked note is when you mute the strings bellow the note you want to play (for example you want to bend 15th fret high E string, and you mute D, G and B strings, and strum them all together. This will add a weight to that high E string note.

Let me know how I can help further! smile.gif
Hi there!
I had troubles with my left finger but I managed somehow to do those bends, however I wish I could rest a few more days but we are living under tight deadlines! smile.gif I'm posting REC video in about an hour today ,so heads up on that. I'll try to answer the theory questions now:
1. Key of the tune is D (implied by the tunes title, but nevertheless I do know that it's in D)
2. What we use in the lesson is basically D pentatonic both major and minor and probably some passing notes in those bendings that I wouldn't know the name of (scale-wise). But I believe that for instance D major and minor scales could be also used together with those 'blue' notes that make for instance minor (aeolian) scale a blues scale.
3. Also here, from the lesson itself, chords used are D7, G7 and A7 all major. However I don't know if I could hear it, It could have been 'simply' major chords, it's not that I can't hear the difference:) just that I find easier to distinguish major7 chords if they are incorporated in the progression something like this D, G and then A7 - this is easier to hear.
4. it's a 12 bar blues progression so 12 bar smile.gif
Ivan Milenkovic
Very good job with the theory assignments! smile.gif I like the way you explained and the way you think. I will give you something a bit more different in July, as I'm sure you are good at this.

I hope everything is OK with the finger my friend. If you could manage to do a REC take by tonight it would be great.
Thanks! I posted the REC take already! But I can not see it there anymore (in the list) guess it's hidden from 'normal' users and visible for instructors.
Finger is a bit better, I guess I ignored the fact that I'm not used to bend that much (well play for thaat matte feel like I'm warming up.
Ivan Milenkovic
You did a very good job with the REC, and for this month. We will continue MTP in July, and I will post assignments in 2 days. I hope your finger is better my friend! smile.gif
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