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Full Version: Subbedchris Introduction Thread
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Pedja Simovic
Hey Chris,

Thanks for letting me know about your situation. Feel free to introduce yourself in this thread here and let me know of your strengths and weaknesses.
Ηello Pedja smile.gif

I am Chris, a 15 year old person,live in a small city in Greece named Kozani (I am originally from Athens however) and I grabbed a guitar for the first time when I was 15 biggrin.gif I started playing in October 2009 and what I have learned till now is exclusively from GMC (well maybe some tabs for famous songs from various sites)


I like many many guitarists and bands (mainly classic rock ones), but if I were to mention my favourite guitarists, I would say Guthrie Govan and Joe Satriani,not necessarily because of their skills but mainly because of their unique and melodic compositions

I love all genres as long as they are melodic and catchy.I dont like metal so much though for some reason I just love Iron Maiden smile.gif


Well, all this time the only thing I did was to learn lessons from this site and never even spend one minute to learn theory.And when I say no theory I mean completely nothing biggrin.gif The only thing I know are 4 chord names and dont have the slightest idea what is beyond that smile.gif


Well I dont realy have any strengths whatsoever biggrin.gif All my techniques suck but if I were to cite my worst, I would say my muting,the fact that I have timing issues most of the time (lol?),I have a hard time changing chords rapidly and my alternate picking isnt the least developed or anything that has to do with the picking hand.My bends are usually off.My tone sucks sad.gif.Moreover, the fact that my muting isnt good means that techniques such as legato are out of my reach smile.gif

Anyway Ive prepared some audio records below (cam hasnt arrived yet) so you can see for yourself and deduce my level and my current potential smile.gif As far as GMC lessons are concerned I think my level is 3-4 but I would like if possible a 4lvl one for at least this month. Everyone loves a good challenge biggrin.gif

The most essential reason Ive picked you as my mentor is the fact that Im extremely fond of your huge theory knowledge and I would like to start learning theory from the very basic stuff as my theory knowledge is at 0%..... maybe -1% wink.gif

Well,having to learn theory for 3 months is little work indeed so I can do as many lessons as you want or Im open to do something else that you may propose smile.gif Also,my tone isnt good as I have already stated on my weaknesses so if possible I would like some tips on how to improve it when I record something smile.gif Thats not an easy request you can refuse it if you like

GMC Lessons



Thats my CV, I look for forward to working with you and please do ask if you need any further information smile.gif A big thanks goes to Zen for letting me ''steal'' some elements from his CV (I probably would even if I didnt have his permission laugh.gif )

Pedja Simovic
Cool introduction thread Chris!
I will try to post your 2 assignments soon since you are behind one week on everybody else.
Let me know if you got some questions!


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