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Full Version: Nevermore - The Obsidian Conspiracy
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The Uncreator
Hey guys, Its been something like a year or more since I've done an album review - And I really miss doing them - So here is a brand spanking new one!

Nevermore's recently released "The Obsidian Conspiracy"

Yes! I'm so glad to read a new review from you Brett, they are always top notch! smile.gif
Thanks, great album smile.gif
It's featured now over Here
Gabriel Leopardi
Great review! I've never been very into this band but your review and some clips with fragments from this new album convinced me to check them out! Is this album a good way to start knowing their music?
It's not their best work...
Start with Dead Heart in a Dead World or This Godless Endeavour!
The Uncreator
No not there best - This Godless Endeavor is probably unbeatable, But I still love the album to death. I think it may be a bit softer with a few exceptions, But the overall album is quite exceptional I think.

For me its probably tied with Dead Heart as second favorite, I mean the title track is just beastly.
Gabriel Leopardi
Thanks guys! I'll check "Dead Heart" song at youtube and get the album This Godless Endeavor! smile.gif
This Godless Endeavour is a brilliant masterpiece and one of the records of the decade!
The title track *Obsidian Conspiracy* of the new record is on par with the Godless Endeavour Record but the rest of the songs aren't that good and I also think the production could have been better...
The Uncreator
I loved the song Moonrise, when Warrel sings "is this soliloquy or psychosis, or self hypnosis" - Just love that part. Overall album may be a little less heavy than the previous albums, But for me it was quite a good album, Been so anxious for a new Nevermore album.
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